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Yes, I know. There are still few days to go of the year, but most likely nothing significant happens anymore. Yes, I am knocking on the wood now. Let´s have a quick look back of this year 2018. 

As some of you know, this gamblingbulldog.com has turned 1 year this year. Actually, just recently. Thank you all! Everyone who has ever visited this site. We aim to give you the most detailed reviews and have the widest selection of casinos. But we will not try to sell them all or for you. There are certain factors, which tells us if the casino is good or not. We are players ourselves too, so we know, what kind of things players are usually looking for. 

Nobody is perfect, so if you have any feedback to give, we are always happy to receive it. This helps us to become better and give you the services you want from a site such as ours. 

This 2018 casino year gave many new casinos to UK players. Many of them were by same companies, so it was often just introducing you new bulk casinos. For this reason, some casinos stand out of the crowd very easily. My favourite releases in UK this year are CasinoHeroes and Untold casino, which barely made it this year.  There´s still one on the way which I am really looking forward to. I´ll keep it as a secret until they have actually released their casino. 

There were some good games too, though I personally was looking forward to some game, that would have exploded the bank. Perhaps next year then. I will still name a favourite and that will be the Viking slot. The game itself is much darker than the show, but I still like how the slot has been done. 

This autumn, we started our videos section, where we post gameplay videos on new casino games. If you want to see a new video among the first ones, please subscribe to our channel. Our channel is still new, so you will see it developing all the time until we find the best way to do these videos. You can be assured, that making these videos is fun! We wish you think the same while watching them. 

Same goes with our site. We are still new, which means we are still developing. You haven´t seen it all yet. Once we come up with some cool idea, we will add it. Like we have already been doing so far. If you have some ideas you like to share, please do so and let´s see what we can do. 

It has truly been a pleasant year by doing what I love – updating this site. I will not yet say, that I will be back next year, since there are some news to come this year. 

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