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Gigarise Atlantis Slot Review, RTP And Where To Play

For centuries, a lot of explorers and scholars have already tried looking for Atlantis. Over the years, the sunken city has spawned stories and a lot of games that are inspired by its legend. To last longer in the game, you might as well practice your swimming skills which you can test on its reels. At Gigarise Atlantis Slot, you can learn advanced techniques on how to stay floating once you master the basics.

As a product of Yggdrasil, this game is visually pleasing with schools of fish that swim in the backdrop. There’s also a huge space above its grid where its 5 reels can grow and help you maximize its 96% RTP. With up to 32,768 ways to win, its maximum payout can increase up to £100,000.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£40
Paylines:32 768
Max win:2,788x
Release date:April 22, 2021
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gigarise Atlantis design

The lost city of Atlantis is no longer new to us and Gigarise Atlantis is a slot that focuses on diving and rising. As its name suggests, this game can take you to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean then send you back up. Its features can help you make the most of its jackpot prize as you immerse yourself in this underwater adventure.

Its reels are supported by marble columns that hold 5 amphorae that you can crash to reveal prizes. Just make sure you keep spinning until the reels grow to reach their maximum height. Its backdrop is filled with structures that are inspired by Greco-Roman while a fish swims between them. To make this game more interesting, Yggdrasil even paired it with a soundtrack that can make you feel serene.

If you think that its combination can send you to sleep, think again since it is the opposite. Its features and rewards can keep your attention on the reels and prevent you from dozing off.

Gigarise Atlantis features

Gigarise Atlantis Slot doesn’t have tons of features but Yggdrasil made sure there are Wild symbols. It has 5 reels and 3 to 8 rows which contain its fun features from Rising Reels to Bonus Spins. These features are triggered by different symbols that can leave the room to give way for some action.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol is one of the most common features that appear on slot machines. In Gigarise Atlantis Slot, the Wild symbol is represented by a golden column that can replace any regular symbol. At the same time, this Wild symbol contributes to creating more winning combinations.

Rising Reels

If there is a symbol that functions as the star of the game, it is the trident symbol in Gigarise Atlantis. Always keep an eye on the trident symbol because it can trigger the Rising Reels feature. Once this symbol appeared, its respective reel will automatically increase by 1 position and expand the game’s pay lines.

Each reel in Gigarise Atlantis Slot remains raised between each spin. Once a trident symbol landed on a fully expanded reel with 8 rows of height, it will trigger the Bonus Game. The Rising Reels feature will remain running during the Bonus Spins. Thus, the Bonus Game that was mentioned can be triggered

Bonus Spins

Depending on the number of Scatter symbols you get, you can be rewarded with 20 to 80 Bonus Spins. This goes according to the following:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 20 Bonus Spins
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 40 Bonus Spins
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 80 Bonus Spins

If you are lucky to experience some retriggers, you can get additional Bonus Spins that range from 5 to 80:

  • 2 Scatter Symbols = 5 Bonus Spins
  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 20 Bonus Spins
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 40 Bonus Spins
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 80 Bonus Spins

Once you won Bonus Spins, you can play them directly once the Bonus Game is finished.

Bonus Game

Once the Bonus Game is activated, it uses 1 horizontal pay line that is highlighted. This feature gives 3 prizes that are divided into the following:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Each symbol that lands on it can reward extra spins sessions that reach up to 80 Bonus Spins. If not Bonus Spins, you can get cash prizes that range up to 200x your stake. However, triggering the jackpot prizes is the most exciting part in Gigarise Atlantis slot’s Bonus Spins and Cash Modes. if you’re lucky, this round can reward you with the following rewards:

  • Forgotten Jackpot = £40 credits (this is expected to drop at £100)
  • Rare Jackpot = £200 credits (this is expected to drop at £500)
  • Mythical Jackpot = £600 credits (this is expected to drop at £1,600)
  • Ancient Jackpot = £1,500 credits (this is expected to drop at £4,000)
  • Legendary Jackpot = £15,000 credits (this is expected to drop at £100,000)

Gigarise Atlantis RTP, betting and prizes

Gigarise Atlantis has plenty of win ways that can increase as the reels rise. Its maximum win ways can reach up to 32,768 once each reel has the complete 8 positions in play. Gigarise Atlantis accepts a minimum of £0.20 bet that can be increased up to £40 per spin.

To keep the jackpot prize satisfying, 3.8% of players’ bet is removed to feed the pot. However, this slot has medium volatility that comes with a couple of features only. Thus, don’t expect it to give you life-changing winnings throughout the game sessions. Don’t get your hopes of hitting a high prize outside the jackpot round.

Gigarise Atlantis is not one of the high-paying slot machines from the Yggdrasil game since it is a middle ground option. This game is more focused on experimenting on new forms of reels instead of showering huge prizes. Hence, we can still consider its jackpot and RTP value as decent at 96.11% RTP.

Depending on the amount of your wager, you can win up to 4,370x your stake in Gigarise Atlantis. This can be equivalent to a £100,000 reward per spin so you can still keep a reasonable bankroll. You just need a lot of patience and a good strategy in the game to last longer.

About Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is one of the famous companies when it comes to producing top-notch games. Founded in 2013, Yggdrasil is less than a decade old but it already made a wide influence in the industry. Thanks to their developers who are full of talent and fresh ideas, the company has emerged fast.

Due to their stunning games, it is no wonder why the company has won so many awards, including Slot Provider of the Year 2006, Slot Provider of the Year 2017, and Innovator of the Year 2017. Its limitless passion also helped it deliver iconic gaming experiences whether it is on Slots, Progressive Jackpots, or Table Games.

Gigarise: Atlantis conclusion

In case you are still having second thoughts about risking your real money, you can always play its demo version. Gigarise Atlantis and other Yggdrasil games are compatible with different gaming platforms. Since this slot is also playable on the browser, you can experience its features and rewards without downloading anything.

Its cash rewards are not that high like in high variance games but it’s rewarding enough for low rollers. Even casual players can enjoy it due to its low betting range. It also gives extra spins which come in different numbers.

Where to play

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