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Cashback bonuses

What is a casino cashback? How does it work in online casinos? Why casinos offer this to their players? These are just some of the most common questions that players ask when they encounter it for the first time. So, we’re guessing that you’ve finally stumbled into a casino cashback promotion too which led you into this post. No worries though, you’re not the only one who wonders about the real score behind this appealing offer.

We’ll be there for you throughout your journey in online gambling so read on to learn everything about this offer.

Best 2022 Cashback bonuses

Check out these cashback bonuses below.

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What is a casino cashback bonus?

Bonuses have been part of the gambling history for a long time now and we can’t get enough of them. Besides, casino bonuses work both ways on casinos and players. Casinos attract more players to register and sign up for their offers while players gain extra to extend their gaming experience. It’s one of the ways casinos thank their players for choosing them over other casinos out there. At the same time, it is an efficient way to encourage them in making a deposit. 

Apparently, offering a cashback bonus is one of the most effective ways to attract a huge number of paying customers. But just like other bonuses, a cashback bonus may also vary from one casino to another. This depends on how casinos want to attract their customers, the kind of software they use, and their target market. This bonus is specially made to give players their cash back. On the other hand, this kind of bonus may not be available in all casinos and players. 

Looking back at its history, “cashback bonus” was first introduced in land-based casinos where VIP players receive various casino perks. Despite its term, its perks vary from free meals to room upgrades and exciting rewards instead of cash. Even though most players desire real cash, land-based casinos find creative ways to address it without actually giving out cash. Of course, this is quite different from what most online casinos actually offer today. 

In most online casinos, the amount of cashback bonuses that players can receive depends on the amount they wager. It may also depend on the percentage of players’ losses which varies a lot from each account owner. In this case, you won’t be eligible for this offer unless you’ve already lost a lot of money. In rare cases, other casinos also base the cashback amount depending on each player’s net wins.

But basically, highrollers have a bigger chance to earn more cashback bonuses than low-wagering players. No wonder many high-paying customers stay longer. These bonuses are usually granted to selected gamblers who wager huge amounts of money in online casinos.

How does it work?

Depending on the casino you’re signed up with, you may grab this bonus once a week or once a month. Players may also receive it automatically after depositing a certain amount or request it at the casino’s cashier. But if you don’t want to skip the part of making any request, it’s better to find a more convenient casino. Sometimes you just have to look around more to see better offers. If you have a talent in making the right choices, you would most likely get a big cashback bonus. 

Top-rated casinos offer this bonus that usually ranges from 5% to 20%. However, some casinos that offer bigger cashback amounts usually require players to make higher bets first to claim the bonus. Once this is accomplished, it is credited directly to their casino accounts either as cash or credits. But even though each online casino offers different cashback programs, they have one thing in common that players enjoy. Players get extra credits to extend their fun time or cash out a bigger amount after earning some REAL cash. 

General rules on claiming cashback bonuses

Whether you are new or not in gambling, you should always read the terms and conditions attached to any bonus. Of course, the cashback bonus is no exception to that. Read carefully and understand the amount you have to wager to be eligible for this offer. Check whether all games in the casino count in this offer or selected only. If you’re a fan of playing Blackjack, be sure that it counts in the cashback offer before you make a bet.

The thing is, casinos don’t usually include those games in the package that don’t have much edge. Keep an eye on the wagering requirements too. Most newbies encounter problems in claiming bonuses and withdrawing their money because they fail to meet the wagering requirements. If you want to make sure that you make the most of this bonus, it is also wise to avoid capped bonuses. This is another thing that all casino players should look into first before hitting the claim/join button.

This information should be included under the terms and conditions whenever it applies to the offer. If you missed it, it’s your loss so keep your eyes open for such things. In some casinos, capped cashback bonuses can be worth £100 to £500. The truth is, there are no hard rules in placing caps on bonuses so it’s better to be careful. Meanwhile, other casinos can be generous enough to allow players to earn more money from the bonus. In some casinos, this rebate program is a way to appreciate casinos’ elite or VIP players.

However, players should have the required amount of cash in their account before casinos grant a payout. Again, the only way to find out whether this rule applies in the casino you’re in is to read the T&C. Before you claim or sign up for any casino bonus, try to ask yourself and analyze if it’s really worth it. Will it affect your eligibility in claiming other offers from the casino? Do you want to get cashback bonuses more often? Not all casinos are that generous enough to offer a weekly or monthly cashback.

Thus, some players get to enjoy this bonus once only or on special occasions. If you’re lucky to register in a reliable and generous casino, be sure to claim your bonus frequently. Better get it while it’s hot, especially if it’s offer on holiday seasons where you can claim more bonuses!


Clearly, a cashback bonus is a kind of reward for all the money you wagered at the casino. Regardless of the amount you spend on gambling, this bonus can keep you spinning to win. It can also keep your bankroll from being empty while you’re having a good time. Just don’t forget to read the rules before claiming it to avoid regretting your decisions. Most importantly, always put your needs, playing style, and welfare first. 

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