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Loyalty cards are everywhere these days, so it is not a too much of a surprise that at least one casino has one too. That is Omnia Casino.

Omnia is one of the most interesting additions to the online casino scene this year. Probably because it doesn´t look like a casino at all when you enter the site, it´s more like a trendy shopping page. But still, it looks good for sure. To determine your opinion about the site, check it out!

Omnia loyalty card isn´t the typical card either, where you know you´ll get the free package of chips after collecting 10 stamps. You need to collect 3 stamps and you might get £100.000.

  • Everyone gets this loyalty card instantly after registration

How to collect the stamps

Collecting the stamps is simple:

  • To get one stamp, you need to earn one Omnia Coin.
  • To earn these coins, you need to wager.
  • When you play, the game image shows the amount you need to wager for one coin. For example in the Book of Dead slot, it´s £8.
  • Once you have 3 stamps, your loyalty prize is revealed.

Everyone is guaranteed to win at least 100 Omnia coins while the top prize is £100.000 in cash!

To find out, what your card has to offer, open an account today:

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