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PlayOjo is one pretty different casino. At least, if you compare it to the usual smoky, dark casinos which you find in the alleys of the casino world. They are bright, happy(almost too happy), exciting and a bit different when it comes to their promotion.

This article is about their wheel, which is not like the usual wheel of fortune after registering the account or making the first deposit. These type of spins have become more popular lately.

Their wheel actually chooses, when it wants to play with you. That´s right. You cannot really choose it from the promotions, but it comes to you as a reward when you´ve been a good boy or a girl at the casino. Unfortunately, this is how it works and there are no fixed guidelines for it. It may come randomly or after you reach a new level or something. It´s kind of funny but still not too cool.

Once you get yourself the wheel spin, go to rewards to claim it. Over there you have 3 different wheels to choose from. One with guaranteed wins, one with bigger prizes and one with much bigger prizes. The second and the third do not have guaranteed wins.

The wheel is simple, land on anything else except skull and you´ll get the same number of free spins to play which the wheel pointer has landed on. These spins are wager free, so anything you win with them is instantly yours to keep.

As much as fun as this wheel sounds like, it does not sound fun that it is not predictable. So it will be hard to know if everyone gets to spin it on the same terms. But then again, it´s just random fun stuff that might surprise your day anytime and then for sure you will be happily surprised. Who wouldn´t like random gifts?