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In case you didn´t guess it already, Wishing Well is a feature at Wishmaker Casino. Where else could it be, right?

Casinos are full of different features and promotions but this one deserved to be mentioned separately just because it is sligthtly different with a guarantee that your wish will come true. In a way, this might be the luckiest wishing well out there.

How to play it?

Firstly, you need to have an account at Wishmaker. Then you need play, play and play. Every time you get a new ranking in the casino, you´ll receive Wishing Well tokens, which of course, you can “throw into the well.

Once you receive these tokens, you can activate them and you will be redirected to the game, where you get to drop them to the well. The well will answer to your wishes, though not in the way you wanted. That we cannot guarantee!

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