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CasinoPop, which is the site that presents pop culture at its best, also has a christmas calendar. How more pop culture could that be? 

The calendar works in 2 ways. Basically, every day you can open your christmas calendar just like when you were child, but instead getting a tasty chocolate, there is something to treat your taster for gambling. 

For exampe, extra spins, deposit bonuses, raffles, wager free games etc. We cannot yet know all of them, as obviously the calendar is hidden for us too. 

Then there is the other thing. Every time you claim what´s in the calendar, you also get a PopTicket. That ticket is valuable on the 25th when the Pop Santa(okay, not sure if he is real) comes. He organizes a raffle between everyone who has these tickets. 

Obviously, the more you have these tickets, the better your changes are. All together you can claim 24 tickets from the calendar. On top of that, you get them through their loyalty program by levelling up. 

Prize pool on the 25th of December

Then the most important part. What can you win with your PopTickets? 

altogether the prize pool is valued to £3400. That will be shared among many players.  Among 100 players to be exact. This is what you can get: 

  • Winner: HTC Vive Pro VR Headset
  • Second player: Sonos Beam Smart Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa
  • Third player: Google Home Smart Speaker
  • Positions from 4 to 10: 100 Epic Spins
  • Positions from 11 to 20: 75 Epic Spins
  • Positions from 21 to 50: 100 Free Spins
  • Positions from 51 to 100: 75 Free Spins

Unfortunately, Pop Xmas is not about being naughty or good. It is about being an active player and very lucky! 

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