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Did you know, that Videoslots has its own Jackpot game? Many did not, so we thought it deserves to be introduced.

As you know, its the game providers such as Netent and Microgaming who have their own jackpot games, which are known to make millionaires.

It´s not common, that casinos have their own jackpot games, but Videoslots is an exception, they have actually built their own.

They did not build a game but they built a wheel, from which you can win a jackpot. Although, the prize won´t be millions.

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How it works:

  1. Complete achievements and you can earn spins on the Wheel of Jackpots.
  2. Once you have completed an achievement, you win a trophy and some of these trophies include the spins.
  3. There are 9 different Jackpot wheels.

If this sounds too difficult already, we are not even near the end:

  • For every 5th XP level, you´ll earn a trophy and from that trophy you might win a spin on the Wheel of Jackpots.
  • There are also games, from which you can win that spin. Those are called game wheels and you could get to spin either the Blue wheel or Red wheel, which belong to the Wheel of Jackpots
  • There is also the Global wheel. You could win a spin on that from the Weekend Booster.

And the prizes are…

There are 3 types of jackpots, which are called Mini, Mega and Major. You could randomly win one of them once you win the spin.

Thats not all, as you might win battle tickets, new spins on wheels, cash and free spins.


What could be something great, turns out to be something confusing. Too many rules and too many options just make the player look at the screen with their mouth open.

Obviously, it is a good thing if there´s something free available, however, it should be clearer and not put behind too many tasks as it is now. First the players need to complete a task to win a trophy, which might have a spin inside them. With that spin a player might win something.

Well, this is gambling, so winning the prizes cannot be too easy, but it could be easier. In the end, there are jackpot games, where you just have to spin the wheel and hope for the best.

What do you think about the Wheel of Jackpots?

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