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Today we have added a new site called Kassu on our site. The site name is funny. Could that even be a real casino?

The answer is simple. Yes, it is. Seems to be a good one too. It was released by Genesis Gaming, just a couple months later after the release of Casino Gods. The great part is, that these 2 are nothing like. As a matter in fact, you wouldn´t even think that they are from the same company if we didn´t tell you that.

Now the name Kassu, it actually originates in Finland, where it is a short name for Casino and Kasperi, a man´s name. That´s where the name comes from. What we like about it is that it still is very international name.

The casino has a story too behind it. Kassette is formed by 4 guys called Sean, Forge, Saul and Gringo. Kassu is their creation. They claim that this casino was built to be a living room kind of casinos, where you can relax and enjoy of every moment.

What we kind of like about this casino is that these Kassettes are all middle aged men, one of them even having mustaches. How cool is that. The mainstream marketing has totally forgotten this species of human, but not Kassu. The story is what makes this casino a bit different. They have seen a lot of effort on it. How will the casino be in the future? That remains to be seen but it surely has a good start.

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