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This week´s promotion comes from Unibet. The well known brand, which is a host of slots, betting and poker as well as Unibet-TV, where you can watch all your favourite sports online.

Anyways, this week they have an interesting promotion on the new slot which was released by NetEnt.

Gods Of Gold: Infinireels was released by NetEnt in May, 2020 and it, in someways showed that casino games can be done in a different way.

Inifinireels lives by its name, since it has 3,486,784,401 paylines!

The game is so unique, that it deserved its own promotion:

At Unibet 250 players win a share of £10.000 prize pool. The promotion goes on until the 21st of May 2020.

Rules are simple:

Wager as much as you can and you might be among the winners.

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