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PlayFrank Santa Claus is early. It´s not yet even December, but they have already revealed their Christmas gifts. There will be lots of them. In fact, everyday something from the 1st of  December until the 6th of January.

As some of you know, you can pull the cracker at Frank occasionally. Well, now you can pull it every day if you have made a deposit. In total the prize pool is worth of £217,500.

Any deposit amount will give you the possibility to pull the cracker.

Your prize will be either a 75% bonus, 25 super spins, a riddle or 50 normal spins. Spins will be available on different game every day so make sure to read the terms before placing a bet. The riddle will tell you the game of the day!

Wait, there is more!

Every time you pull the cracker, you get a ticket to Frank´s Raffle. They call it as Raffle Crown. This raffle will be organized in January once the campaign is over.

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Terms and conditions apply. Make sure to read them before playing.