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Casino Reviews 2022

Never underestimate the influence of Casino reviews. Now that we’re already in the 21st century, every day can be filled with surprises. Especially if you are always updated to the latest happenings in the world particularly in the gambling industry. Whether you are an avid fan or not, there are many ways to entertain yourself in the gambling industry. Aside from the fact that a single casino can have hundreds of games, we now have online casinos that can be accessed anywhere you are in the world.

Online Casino Reviews Also known as virtual casinos, online casinos are the newest favorite of casino players because of the convenience it offers. However, you might get overwhelmed by the number of online casinos available now on the internet. As a matter of fact, typing and searching for “online casinos” in Google. You will see 8,920,000 results. With that amount of results, can you imagine how many online casinos are there waiting to be visited by customers every second?

Why are casino reviews needed?

The amount of new online casinos being launched is unbelievable. There’s no surprise if casino fans say that it is impossible to keep track of new brands. Because they pop like mushrooms everywhere in an amazing speed! Well, we can’t blame thousands of casino enthusiasts/businessmen for competing in a more advanced and convenient platform. All you have to do is gather a force of computer and game geniuses with a passion to build a successful online casino site and you’re in.

However, finding the best online casinos can be challenging especially if you have no idea where to start. But then again, there is always a way to beat a challenge and that is through spending some of your time going over casino reviews. With casino reviews, looking for the best online casinos that can cater to your needs and interests in gaming don’t have to be boring nor exhausting anymore. There’s no need for you to try every single online casino out there just to know if it is great or not. Just look for our casino reviews and you will find the most popular or most rewarding casinos online.



Do casino reviews have the answer to everything?

It is normal for casino operators to advertise their games and services in a more exaggerated way. Even if their site is only at the average level. Not to mention the growing number of online casinos that are not even licensed yet they continue to operate and earn. Fortunately, more and more gamblers are now becoming aware of the common problems in online gambling, thanks to the honest reviews that customers and casino review sites like ours provide.

The internet is full of appealing opportunities to earn bigger money – Connect with people all over the world, and help others by sharing tips or experiences. At the same time, the internet is full of risks related to gambling.  For this reason blogs, forums, and sites started to specialize in creating casino reviews for everyone to read. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, you will find it helpful to read guides and warnings from real experiences.

At Gambling Bulldog, we make sure that we always provide the most detailed and honest casino reviews. Our site creates and posts casino reviews based on in-depth research and hands-on experiences. We are eager to show you the details that other sites don’t have. Such as the maximum amount of bet with bonuses and so much more. Good or bad, we are not afraid to say and spread honest reviews about any online casino out there.

Who should you trust online?

When it comes to trust issues, some brands and sites are easier to read. This might be because their brands have been established long ago. Even before they ventured into the online casino platform.  However, there are also times when you may encounter new online casinos with less provided info and worst, you don’t have other means to verify it but to rely on what’s on their website. If you look into an online casino’s game library, you will be able to tell whether the site has reliable game providers or not.

But how can you be so sure that the games you see on the list are not pirated? This might surprise you but, inspecting pirated casino games isn’t something that newbies and many casual players can do with one look. The best way to find that out is to locate those players who already tried the games but lost their money over fake games. These kinds of players tend to be very vocal about their unfortunate experience.

However, finding these players would eat some of your precious time too which isn’t what you really want right now. In this case, it is our job to update our casino reviews based on their experiences to serve as a warning to other players. Meaning, you don’t have to look elsewhere because our site can already give you what you’re looking for.

Know what other casino players say

Aside from the quality of games and the reliability of an online casino, every player wants to know how the payout system works. Believe it or not, not all online casinos are kind enough to process withdrawal requests and give out in a reasonable time.

Our casino reviews made with customer feedbacks will help you avoid the sites that scam customers. In the end, these poor customers only realize their situation once they have tried to withdraw their money. Losing is part of gambling and fake online casino sites use it to keep their customers from suspecting until the last second.

The good thing about the internet is it only takes a furious player and few clicks to broadcast how a certain casino tricked them until other victims notice it and share their stories too. No matter how great or bad other players say through casino reviews, always read and use it to defend yourself from scammers.

We also have a group, where the players can chat with each other. In this group, you´ll meet other players and get to take part into exclusive campaigns.

What’s great about sharing online?

Communicating with other people online will allow you to receive more details like how established is the brand. But with the number of online casinos out there, it would be impossible for anyone to try it all and create casino reviews. Thus, it is vital that you know where to find a reliable site that shows honest reviews after examining the ins and outs of online casinos.

If you think that the information you need in existing forums isn’t enough, even if you already created your own forum, waste no more time and just visit our site. Instead of waiting for other players to notice your forum for the sake of gathering shared insights, let us do the hard work. It is our duty to research about what players share about the particular online casino you’re interested in. Otherwise, how else will you know if a particular online casino gives their players their fair share of payout or if the customer service team really does their job and satisfy customers?

Take note that traps usually hide in plain sight only where most players don’t spend enough time to read and understand Terms and Conditions. You’ll be thankful that there is 1 out of 100 who would take time to seriously read the Terms and Conditions just to spot where the trap hides for the world to know. Reliable directories and gambling portals like our site know how to provide unbiased and detailed casino reviews for the benefit of the whole gambling community.

How to get up-to-date casino bonus reviews?

Just like finding information about online casinos, you can also get the latest casino bonuses by checking out our casino reviews. Whether you are just chilling at home or looking for something to get rid of your boredom every weekend, reading through casino reviews anytime you need to give you a lot of advantage over other players. But first, let’s take at the 2 major ways to get the most of casino bonuses by keeping a keen eye on casino reviews:

Getting insider scoops

Aside from the typical Pros and Cons that casino review sites provide, there are also sites like ours that provide updated information. Our site provides the latest casino bonuses to players after making sure that it was already reviewed and rated based on strict criteria. This allows us to give additional input to players aside from the rating of casinos’ library games, the level of service they provide, and how their customer service team treats customers.

Casino reviews can help you a lot in finding the best licensed online casinos with the most generous amount of bonus to give. You can even compare the list of bonuses of each casino you are interested in for better insights.

Focusing on specific bonus details

Now that everything in this world seems to be dependent on time and money, every second counts. Professional or not, looking for the fastest way to know the latest casino bonuses is always the best to make the most of your time. Our casino review site sees to it that players get what they want by giving them the latest specific information.

Bonus casino reviews usually consist of the types of bonuses an online casino offers, the wagering requirements include the bonuses as well as the bonus codes that always incite customers. This way, players like you no longer have to waste time for searching specific details like bonuses.

Types of casino bonuses online

Just like games, casino bonuses also come in all shapes and sizes to attract customers. Typically, the more bonus online casinos can offer, the more players they tend to have. Well, who wouldn’t want to play in an online casino with lots of bonus to offer, right? Don’t be afraid to grab the opportunities to win bigger prizes once you know you’re in good hands. Depending on the casino, these are the usual casino bonuses that you can look for in casino reviews:

Wagering requirements

As much as you want to claim your casino bonus right away, there are usual wagering requirements for casino bonuses that you have to fulfil. Each online casino is different so this also means that the wagering requirement may vary depending on the site you want to visit. We have already taken care of this for you. On our reviews, you will find the information on the current wagering requirements of each welcome bonus.

We also do our best to specify each point in the best way could for you to understand it better. We want to save your time from reading all the terms and conditions, which we know to be very time-consuming.

Why are casino review sites getting more popular?

There is always a new casino that pops online with hundreds of games so there’s no time to waste. Information is very important whether you are a pro or not. Why bother checking out online casinos one by one if you can just check out our site to find the best games or the best online casinos available in your country? This way is way easier and faster, don’t you think?

Since there are hundreds of online casinos out there, it is important to distinguish the best ones from not the best ones. And the generous sites from scammers. Once you’ve already read a lot of casino reviews and experience playing various casinos online, it will be much easier for you to determine where and how to play safer online. You will also know at first look if the games in the online casinos are provided by the most trusted software providers or not.

And what´s the soul of a casino? The answer is simple – games. We write about them too. For instance, some specific game reviews that our site provides include “New slot from Yggdrasil: Easter Island”, “Quickspin’s Volcano Riches Slot Review”, “Quadruple Your Payouts in the Reels of Wealth Today!”, and “Exclusive Scientific Games Bonus at SlotsMillion”.

Casino reviews also help players to know how much you could win from hitting the winning combos and the jackpot prize without spending a cent. You can also find out if an online casino offers certain features like Free Mode to play the games without using real money and an Auto-Play feature. The information you can take advantage of casino reviews is endless so we’re not surprised that more casino enthusiasts and bloggers are showing interest casino reviews online.


Overall, the main purpose of casino reviews is to help players like you to get the very sense of the game as well as the entire online casino itself. Know the basic theme of the casino and its games, quality of its graphics, speed, main characters, objectives of the game, and so much more. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can already get from reading just a single casino review. In the long run, it will be much easier for you to pick out the top casinos and games according to your needs and style of play.

Most importantly casino reviews help players like you to become aware so you can be smarter and more careful when hanging around online casinos. No matter how big or small is the amount you are willing to wage, playing safe should be your priority at all times.

Play safe. Terms and conditions apply. 18+