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Baccarat history and casinos

Have you tried playing one of the most popular casino games in the world? For years, players experienced and loved playing Baccarat in casinos. But do you have any idea how it became one of the most played games today? Just like other games, it is one of the games that showcase a rich history along with its tempting aura. If you are looking for a casino game that radiates elegance and sophistication at the same time, try this game.

Far from being “just another game” Baccarat is one of the best games that even James Bond can’t resist. In fact, Baccarat is considered as “one of the most classic Bond casino games”. This game really nailed it after it played a big part in the first novel of James Bond – Casino Royale. But so much about 007, let’s dig in deeper to know more about this game.

Baccarat casinos

Below you will find a list of all the casinos that offer Baccarat and other table games like Blackjack and Roulette.

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Looking back to the history of Baccarat, it’s easy to tell that it was one of those exclusive games. More than 500 years ago, Baccarat was a popular card game by aristocrats. Its roots are in medieval Italy. But first, let’s acknowledge the man who invented and introduced this game to the world. It was Felix Falguiere who is also known as Falguierein who created Baccarat in the 1400s.

When he created this game in Italy, he called it “Baccara” which means “zero” in Italian. Why zero? Its name came from the card game itself where the worth of all tens and face cards were zero. The game was inspired by an old Etruscan legend which is about a virgin. In the legend, she had to throw and get a 9 – sided die where her fate relies on. If the result is 8 or 9, she will be promoted to being a priestess. If the result is 6 or 7, she will be allowed to live.

But, she can’t join any community and religious events in the future. In case the result is lower than 6, the virgin will be exiled to the sea in order to drown. Does this tale ring a bell in you? This is not the tale that most people expected to inspire the creation of a popular game. However, it did give its creator the idea when it comes to Baccarat’s basic rules. In addition, this comparing game we enjoy today is actually altered if you look a little closer to its history.

In history, 4 different dealers used to deal the cards and each player has a chance to become the banker. Players can also place bets against each other and the house. Today, the cards are dealt by 1 dealer only while all bets are placed against the house only. Compared to how the banker is chosen before, the house is the only one who can be the banker today. When Baccarat was first played in Italy, tarot cards were used before it was changed into the 52-cards deck.

Escapade in Europe

After Baccarat was created and introduced in Italy as “Baccara” it travelled to France and England. Its name was later on translated into French “Baccarat” since it rose into popularity when it arrived in France. It was in this same country, where its 2 main variations were introduced as Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat en Banque. As a matter of fact, even King Charles VIII played and enjoyed playing Baccarat which made it more popular.

But before it became a widely played game in casinos today, it was considered as the game of elites only. They believed that the middle class can’t afford to gamble and thus have no right to play Baccarat. However, what they didn’t know is that the middle class were also enjoying Baccarat behind their backs somewhere hidden. For centuries, it became the most popular game in France until it reached other parts of Europe including England.

In relation to the mentioned James Bond novel above, this venture inspired the British writer Ian Fleming. After playing Baccarat, Fleming included Baccarat in his Bond novel series which sold more than 100 million copies globally.

The New World

Right after invading Europe, Baccarat then made its way to the New World which is now America. By the end of the 19th century, it migrated to South America as well as the Caribbean territories. When it reached Cuba, it was easily adapted to their local culture and became known as “Punto Banco”. The locals altered the game according to their likings and considered it as the “American Baccarat”.

Before the 1950s ended, a casino player and author Tommy Renzoni introduced Baccarat to the Sands Casino in Las Vegas. Just in time when the Castro Government was closing putting an end to Havana Casinos. Thus, the arrival of Baccarat to Las Vegas, Nevada gave way to the birth of the “North American Baccarat”. The game’s venture to America wasn’t as smooth as it was in France but the casino owners didn’t give up.

Instead, they bought the public’s attention to the game by hiding their Baccarat tables in special rooms. Later on, Americans became hooked in the game which led them to create more variants like the Mini Baccarat. Meanwhile, the European players continued playing their own variants Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer.

Online Baccarat

After centuries of travelling in different parts of the globe, Baccarat has finally reached its latest destination online. From being the game exclusive for elite people, Baccarat became a more widely played game in plain sight. No more special rooms and social status required since online casinos came like a whirlwind in the gambling industry. Since the 1990s, more and more people have finally laid their eyes on the Baccarat table through online casinos.

No more costly hotels, clothes, and gas since Baccarat can be accessed as online using the internet. Players don’t even have to spend too much since most online casinos require low minimum betting fees. Whether you want to play it online or live, you can do so without extra charges.

Types of games

Over the years of Baccarat’s success in the gambling industry, these are its variants you can play.

Baccarat en Banque

This variant is also known as “A deux tableaux” which is translated as “two tables” in English.  In this variant, the banker is already determined before the game starts and there are 3 decks of cards used. After the deck cards are shuffled, the players are given 2 hands and the bank is given 1 hand. 1 hand is given to the left side of the Baccarat table then another 1 hand to the right side. Then, players should choose whether they want to bet on their side or on both the players’ hands.

Take note, players can’t bet on the dealer’s hand so all the bets will be moved to the center. Players in this variant can also experience being a banker with the option of “going bank”. However, players can’t take their banking seat if they failed to accomplish the 3 challenges. In addition, this game can go on and allow the player to win even if he’s/she’s alone.

Chemin de Fer

Also known as the “iron road” this Baccarat variant was named as such due to its iron box cardholder. This variant allows players to sit in a random order and take turns in shuffling the cards before the game starts. Each player can become the banker in Chemin de Fer. Once all wagers are made, the banker then deals 2 cards to him/herself. Then, the 2 are held in common by the other players. The players in this variant play against each other instead of the dealer.

If you want to match the stake of the croupier, you should say “Banco” or “Go to bank”. Once you do, you can then become the next banker and the betting goes on. All players can make wagers until the banker’s bet is matched. If a player exceeds the banker’s total, the dealer can decline the stake. In this case, the cards are now dealt. The player with the highest stake will play in behalf of his/her betters group.

Moving forward to the cards, you should turn over your cards of its total is 8 or 9. If your hand goes beyond 9 cards, the dealer should pay everyone’s bets. But if the total is lower, the dealer should collect the wagers. Most importantly, this game should be played by at least 2 players.

Mini Baccarat

The Mini Baccarat variant follows the same rules of the American Baccarat. However, what sets it apart from the other variants is its realistic table limits. In this case, any player can enjoy the game even if they are not high rollers. But as its name suggests, this variant has a smaller table and accelerated gameplay. It can take up to 7 players in the game and have 3 betting areas in front of each player.

Meanwhile, the dealer is in charge of collecting the commission that each player owes to the bank. The collected commission is 5% and this variant uses 8 decks of cards. As for the rest of the rules, the same rules in the standard Baccarat are used in this variant.

Punto Bunco

If you’re looking for the closest variant of the classic Chemin de Fer, just check out Punto Bunco. The only difference that this game has from other variants is its strict gameplay. No more optional plays for players since Punto Bunco has established rules already which include the dealer who’s in charge. In this variant, players should decide between the bank and the player who would win. Once decided, the bets should be placed on its labelled area on the table.

If you opt for the player you have to put the required number of chips in front of the numbered seat. But if you opt for the bank, you have to pass your bet to the dealer. Then, he/she will place your bet inside a box.

Software providers

Have you ever wondered about the companies behind all those Baccarat games online? Well, no online casino will be able to shine without some awesome software providers that supply their games. So, here are some of the best software providers that supply Baccarat online:

For Finnish players check out omacasino.com.

Final words

Whenever you’re playing Baccarat, always remember that you are playing with mostly just luck on your side. However, no one says that you can’t win by using some strategy under your sleeves. You can try different styles and see which one fits you better to win. But regardless of the result, the key to enjoying a great game is to stay composed and focused. Never allow your emotion to take over whether you win or lose in the game. You can determine which variant suits you better and stick to it until you’ve mastered the game.