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Casinos with Blackjack and other table games

Below you will find a list of all the casinos that offer Blackjack and other table games like Baccarat and Roulette.

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About Blackjack

Gambling has played a significant role in history since the ancient civilizations. Created as a form of entertainment and as a simple way to kill the time, gambling became bigger than ever. Games like Blackjack became the game of the elites that even the royals became hooked with it for centuries. Now, different forms of gambling have already spread worldwide especially in the entire Europe, America, and Asia.

But when it comes to tracing back the history, Blackjack is certainly one of the oldest games you will find. As a matter of fact, this table game also has one of the most interesting stories. Did that flick your attention? Well, read on to find out what made its history so interesting.


In spite of the multiple attempts to trace the real roots of Blackjack, researchers are still confused where to point. Gambling has been widely known in different parts of the world and games continued to evolve over time. At the same time, new games were introduced in various places which reveal a similarity to Blackjack today. However, there is no clear lead yet about the exact birthplace of this famous game.

Ancient Rome

Therefore, people have come up with theories regarding its roots. Some people believed that Blackjack came from Ancient Rome since Romans were well known in gambling. Despite the vague statement, some historians came up with the theory that Romans must have played a similar game. But instead of cards, Romans played a similar game with wooden blocks. The connection of Ancient Rome to gambling is undisputable but their history with Blackjack is still an ongoing subject.

“Trente Un” and “Ventiuna”

Traced back in 1440, the said early form of Blackjack was played and called “Trente un” which means “31”. Believe it or not, historians have also found a similar game to it that we play today in old novellas. Written in Spanish, the series of novellas entitled “Novelas Ejemplares” were dated back in the 17th century. In the stories, the characters played a game of “21” which they referred to as “Ventiuna” in Spanish.

Ventiuna may be a different game but its fundamentals were known to be similar to the game we play today. Thus, some considered this as an early form of Blackjack played by Spaniards prior to the novellas’ composition. Most importantly, both Trente un and Ventiuna have the same goal of getting at least close to the specific value. Of course, this includes not being busted with the use of cards. However, this information still doesn’t confirm the origin of the Blackjack we play today.


After its link to the Ancient Rome and Spain, researchers have come into an agreement about something clearer. In this case, they believed that Blackjack rose into fame around the 18th century in France. From the French casinos, people back then played the game “Vingt-et-un” which means 21. In the early times, people refer to it as “Twenty and A”. This game was so popular in France during King Louis XV reign that even the Royal Court played it regularly.

Researchers also believed that the idea of playing Blackjack came from the early French card games called “Chemin de Fer”. Blackjack was also linked to the “French Ferme” but Blackjack is more identical to Vingt set Un. However, both games still differ when it comes to their rules.


After invading France, the French colonists brought the French version of Blackjack in North America. They translated the French name into English which means “Twenty One” or “21”. Its introduction to America became a big success that it spread in the entire country right away. This time, the game 21 was improved which made it more similar to the modern Blackjack. This version requires a round of betting each time the card is dealt.

In addition, the dealer is the only who can double. Most importantly, this version allowed newbies to join and enjoy the game despite their lack of expertise. Thus, it became more popular in 1931 when it was introduced in Nevada as the first state to legalize gambling.

“Black jack/Blackjack”

From this point, some casinos even offered a special bet to grab more attention from casino players. For instance, a hand that includes the Clubs or the Jack of Spades and the Ace of Spades would give 10-1 odds. Later on, this special betting offer that featured any of the black jacks was stopped. However, casinos kept the name “Black jack” or “Blackjack” as it is known in the gambling industry today.

When Blackjack was banned in France during the 19th century, more gambling enthusiasts travelled to play in America. One of the most significant people that made history in America was Eleonor Dumont. Dumont was born in France and immigrated to America when she was still a young girl. Growing up, Dumont became a skilled card dealer who banked and dealt Blackjack at any stake to any player.

Over the years, she established her name became known among gambling enthusiasts especially because of her rare beauty. Also known as “Madame Mustache”, she made a fortune by opening her own gambling parlour where only elite men can enter. Since no women were allowed inside except Dumont, her beauty stood out over the years which encouraged men to return. Dumont’s success only came to a halt when the gold rush ended.

However, this didn’t hinder Blackjack’s early form from spreading until it reached the online world.

Online Blackjack

Merely a fragment of imagination before computers and internet were invented, casinos started popping out like mushrooms online. Since then, more and more variants of the game were also launched by various software providers online. Blackjack became one of the most sought and played games in both land-based and online casinos. Most Blackjack games that are offered online today are run by an RNG or Random Numbers Generator.

As the technology evolves, online casinos and their games also evolve. Thus, gamblers today also enjoy the perks of playing this card game with a live dealer. With the live Blackjack games, players can play and interact with a real dealer via a live video stream. This way, players can experience the vibe of land-based casinos even without leaving their house and comfort zone. With online Blackjack, fair gaming is guaranteed with RNG and strict casino rules that professional live dealers follow.

Thus, you can play the online variants of Blackjack anytime you want without doubting its fairness.

Software providers

Whether you are new or not in the online gambling industry, you can always encounter Blackjack in different casinos. This is due to the fact that there is more than 1 casino game developer that provides this card game. Depending on the casino want to register, these are the casino software providers that might have supplied their Blackjack games:

Online Casinos

Depending on the casino you want to sign up, these are the Blackjack variants you can play in their game collection:

  • Untold Casino = Black Jack, Black Jack Multi Hand Premier, Black Jack Premier Hi-Lo, Black Jack Premier Hi Streak, Gold Blackjack, Black Jack Hi Lo Gold, Black Jack Atlantic City, Black Jack Multi Hand Premier Pairs Gold, Black Jack Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Gold, Black Jack Spanish 21, Black Jack Spanish 21 Gold, European Black Jack Redeal Gold, Black Jack Double Exposure, Black Jack MH, Black Jack Double Exposure MH, Black Jack Single Deck Multihand, and Sonya Blackjack.
  • Pirate Spin = Blackjack Live, Black Jack, Blackjack VIP, Blackjack Doubler, and Black Jack Solo.
  • Dunder = Blackjack Live, Super 7 Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack Pro, Multihand Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Cashback Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Blackjack Pro, Blackjack Pontoon Pro, Blackjack Party, Blackjack VIP A, B, C, Blackjack VIP D, E, H, Blackjack Grand VIP, Blackjack White 1, Blackjack White 2, Blackjack Silver 1, 2, Blackjack Silver 3, 4, 5, Blackjack Platinum VIP, Fortune VIP, and Blackjack Diamond VIP, Blackjack A, Blackjack B, Blackjack C, Blackjack D, Blackjack E, Blackjack F, Blackjack G, Blackjack H, Blackjack I, and Blackjack J.
  • Codeta = Blackjack White 1, Blackjack Platinum VIP, Blackjack 3, Blackjack Silver 3, High Roller CommonDraw Blackjack, High Roller Standard Blackjack PRO, Blackjack Multiplayer Common Draw High Roller, Blackjack Multiplayer Common Draw II, Blackjack VIP F, Blackjack White 3, Blackjack A, Blackjack L, Blackjack J, Codeta Blackjack, Blackjack Silver 4, Blackjack VIP E, Blackjack Grand VIP, Blackjack D, Blackjack E, Blackjack VIP C, Blackjack B, Blackjack VIP H, and more.

Other online casinos that you can check out to play the best Blackjack selections include the following:

  • Highroller
  • Rizk
  • Vera & John
  • Casino Heroes
  • Casumo
  • LeoVegas

How to play it online

When it comes to the gameplay, things are pretty simple when it comes to playing Blackjack. All they have to do is select the Blackjack variant you preferred and start by making a bet. The players can make a bet small amount or go “all in” before the dealer deals 2 cards. Then, the dealer will get two cards where the first one is revealed while the second is placed facing down. In this case, the latter is referred to as the “hole card”.

Depending on the players’ preference, they can double their bet anytime they want or before they stand or hit. Players are also allowed to split their bet if they get 2 cards with the same value. In addition, this game allows players to add more cards to the total card value of 21 by pressing “Hit”. In case the players’ card value exceeds 21, they will automatically lose. Once the players are ready to play the hand, they just have to press the “Stand” button.

Then, the dealer will then reveal his second card that is facing down. If the dealer has 16 or anything lower, he/she must Hit and stop only once he/she has 17 or bigger. Once the total value of your card is bigger than the dealer’s you win the game.

Final words

Whenever you are bored or in need of something entertaining to kill the time, Blackjack is certainly a nice option. This game has been through a lot of changes for centuries and played by millions of gamblers all over the world. From elites to middle-class players, Blackjack has made a history that never fails to fascinate gambling players and enthusiasts. Even though its exact origin is yet to be traced in the following years, Blackjack will continue to grow.

Depending on your mood, you can play any of its variants online. From casino software with RNG to live games with a live dealer, the choice is yours.