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Gamblingbulldog is not only about listing casinos. We also list competitions. And quite many of them. And why do we do that? After all, aren´t we all a bit competitive people? Isn´t that why we gamble? And as we are not a casino, we like to raise some heat with our own competitions and all you need is some knowledge and luck. Just like when you are in a casino.

F1 is now in Hungary. And we indeed love Formulas. Even though the F1 racing is not as furious or dangerous as it used to be, it is still fun for sure. Perhaps having one of our own guys from the UK among the best ones helps to keep even more interesting. wants to add some more flavour to the race. On our Facebook page, we are organizing a competition where everyone gets to guess their top 3 for the results of the race. And the winner gets a surprise gift!

To place your own guess, check our Gamblingbulldog Facebook page