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Yep, the summer is officially over when you start to see winter and Christmas advertisements. Here is the first one. Sorry, we just had to! But for a good reason as this campaign is said to be the biggest of the whole winter and there just might be a seed of truth in that statement.

Just a few weeks ago you were still barbecuing on your backyard, but those days are over(at least if you want an enjoyable weather) and now it is time start to think about the winter.

How would it sound like if you had the change to win a trip to Thailand, Jamaica or Bali? That is what you can win from the EGO competition this winter.

Rules and when:

From: 2nd of December at 00:00
Until: 5th of January 23:59

They haven´t revealed everything yet, but so far we know that there will be 5 trips to win and each trip is given to someone lucky after 1 week. That means a 5 week promotion. On top of that, there will be other prizes too.

The reason why we are already starting the hype around this promotion is because EGO is known to organize some pretty good ones. In recent years they have organized a competition where they give out one Mini car per week for 4 weeks. They actually do that.

There won´t be many competitions like this, so if you are looking for a campaign for the coming winter, this is something to wait for.

We have an EGO brand on our site and that is PlayOjo. Take a look at our full review below by clicking the logo.

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