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Euteller casinos

Euteller is a real-time bank transfer service that allows merchants to accept payments directly from the customers’ online bank. It was established in 2007 as a privately owned Finnish provider that focuses on enhancing modern payment methods. For over a decade, Euteller has been running as one of the most reliable online payment methods in the industry. Thus, it is pretty popular among online casinos today as it offers an easy, quick, and more secure online transactions.

Euteller Casinos

Euteller Casinos

Here is the full list of Euteller casinos, where you can use this payment method

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Take note, this is all about cashless transactions so you can sit back and relax after just a few clicks. Especially now that Euteller is fully supported by the leading banks in Finland, it is also regulated by the FIN-FSA. FIN-FSA refers to the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland so you can guarantee your safety while using its services. Since its foundation, the company has already processed payments that are worth billion Euros which strengthen its reputation.

After all, who would bother dropping by to physical establishments when there’s a faster and hassle-free option to pick? Thus, more and more merchants and licensed casino operators are beginning to support this payment method.

Euteller’s development

Back when payment transactions used to require actual cash only, receiving and making payments can be really troublesome sometimes. To deal with bank transactions easier, Euteller was founded in 2007 to target the clients of banks in Finland. Exclusive for Finnish citizens, the company was created to allow those with online bank accounts in Finland to connect with Euteller. With this connection, they can take advantage of making online payments using their own online banking account.

Does it sound a little complicated? Well, it’s not. Ever since Euteller was introduced in the Finnish market, it has been true to its word. Until now, the company is loyal to providing a safe and secure payment option for Finnish players. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland, the company became known as the counterpart of Sofortüberweisung. Thus, it is considered as the leading online payment service in Finland.

Since all eight major banks in the country were connected with Euteller, making bank payments has never been this easy. Whether you have an account in Danske Bank, Aktia, Nordea, or other Finnish major banks, using Euteller is very hassle-free. Similar to other online payment methods, it functions as an intermediary or a “middleman” between its users and other platforms. Of course, this includes online casinos operators who took the opportunity to attract more players who seek more payment options.

Now, Euteller users can make secure payments on online casinos and other platforms. They even have the choice to be completely anonymous if they want to when shopping online. However, this doesn’t really work on online casinos with KYC standard policy. Nonetheless, it’s a nice payment solution to try.

What is Euteller Siirto?

If you’re looking for something new and live about Euteller, it’s definitely Siirto. This is the newly launched mobile payment service that the company offers. As expected from Euteller, Siirto is the first ever mobile payment service where you only need a mobile phone number. Just like that, you can send or receive money anytime you want to and expect it to be processed instantly. Thus, all transfers or transactions also occur in your bank account in real time.

At the moment, Siirto’s services cover all the major Finnish banks only. Nevertheless, the great thing about this mobile payment service is its simple operation. Whenever you use its service, you no longer need to confirm your deposits on your online bank’s site. All deposits using Siirto can be confirmed through its downloadable application for mobile phones. After each deposit, expect a confirmation request that will be automatically sent to your mobile phone as a notification.

Finnish “Siirto casinos” (siirtomaksut) site can be found at siirtokasinot.net.

How Euteller works?

When it comes to using Euteller, the company sticks to these three words: “Simple, safe and reliable.” First things first, it’s worth knowing that using this payment method will not require you to have an account. Yes, that is right. You don’t have to register or make an account just to take advantage of Euteller’s services. However, you must have an account on any of these official banks in Finland that partnered with Euteller:

  • Siirto
  • Nordea Bank
  • Danske Bank
  • Aktia Savings Bank
  • Ålandsbanken or Bank of Aland
  • Saastopankki or Savings Bank
  • POP Pankki or POP Bank Group
  • OmaSp or Oma Säästöpankki
  • S-Pankki or S-Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • OP Financial Group

Once you have an account on any of these banks, you can use Euteller to send or receive payments. When it comes with online gambling, you just have to find those licensed online casinos that accept payments via Euteller. Apparently, not all casinos accept payments using this payment method. But once you’ve registered an account to any of its online casino partners, just choose Euteller the payment method.

Then, you will be re-directed to your online bank account in order to complete the payment process. Remember, you have to select your bank first and log in your account. Only then, you will receive a PIN code that you have to enter to confirm the transaction. The first time you’ve successfully connected your accounts, the next transactions will be way faster and smoother.

Financial regulation

As a licensed Payment Institution, the company is supervised by the FIN-FSA or Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. By working with the authorities, Euteller has its focus on providing the best financial security. Thus, the company complies with all the strictest guidelines and processes to guarantee its customers’ protection.

Authorized payment institution

Euteller measures its success with the rate of returning customers every day. Thus, the company supports easy integration of 1 simple Application Protocol Interface and all Finnish banks. This way, the process of payment is not only more effective but also time-efficient. In case you need help, Euteller has a team of customer support who are prepared to serve you every day. In addition, the customer support team serves customers with their native language.

This is good news for those Finnish customers who don’t like using other languages other than their own. Of course, the company doesn’t stop there. In fact, Euteller works non-stop to enhance its offered processes and be more efficient. At the same time, the company works on developing automated AML and all sorts of fraud controls.

Customer support

In case you have questions or suggestions, you can get in touch with Euteller’s customer support. You can do this by leaving them an email at support (AT) euteller.com, or calling them at +358 (0) 400 564008. You can also use the companies online contact form that is found in the site’s contact page. To make sure that all your questions can be answered right away, consider its business hours (8:00 to 16:00).

Advantages of using Euteller

Take a look at the advantages of using Euteller.

Instant mobile payment services

As mentioned above, making payment has never been this fast and easy in Finland. That’s all thanks to Euteller’s latest addition in the family – Siirto. Gone are the days when you still have to fill out tedious forms to send or receive online payments. Now, you only need your phone and mobile phone number. Finnish player may want to visit pages as Siirtomaksu kasinot and Siirto kasinot.

Instant bank payment

Also known as a “one-stop-shop”, Euteller’s instant bank payments offer a lot of convenience in the market. For sellers and casino operators, this improves their sales since more customers are encouraged to register and use it. Whenever you want to pay using your online bank account, this is the best intermediary in Finland.

#1 in providing reliable services

We said it already and we’ll say it again. Euteller is the number 1 name when it comes to reliable payment services used by Finnish citizens. After processing over 15 million completed payments in the country, thousands of users can already attest to its efficiency. From keeping a smooth app and efficient support, Euteller’s team of professionals got their both hands on the wheel. Not to mention because it is licensed and supervised by FSA.

Accessibility to any device

All Euteller payment services can be used whether you are using desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. No need to worry about adjusting anything to fit your device’s screen well. Its payment pages can automatically adjust according to your used device. This way, navigating its pages is so much easier. You don’t even need your credit or debit card as long as you have this and a Finnish bank account.

Disadvantages of using Euteller

There is no perfect product, so to take a look at these disadvantages of using Euteller

No casino withdrawals

Sadly, Finnish casino players are still not allowed to withdraw their winnings through Euteller. Despite its ease of online payment services, the company doesn’t allow casino withdrawals at the moment. Thus, this is probably its biggest disadvantage for all Finnish citizens out there who love gambling.

High upfront fee

Euteller has 1.95% upfront fee when you make a deposit to any online casino. Compared with other payment services, this can be a little high which can turn off other customers.

Limited users allowed

Another downside of this service is its limited users allowed. You can’t use Euteller if you don’t have a Finnish bank account from any of its partner banks. If you reside outside Finland, you won’t be able to use this payment method as well.

Final words

Generally, Euteller is an appealing payment method where you can send and receive payment with ease. For Finnish players, this is one of the fastest and safest services to deposit money on online casinos. Though the money is delivered directly to/from your bank, you can deposit without divulging your sensitive banking information. Thus, the risk of being a victim of identity theft is really low regardless of the device you want to use. However, it’s not available to outsiders.

You may want to visit also the Finnish website for Euteller nettikasinot or Euteller kasinot. Also Euteller-kasinot.com.

Please gamble and play responsible. Age limit is 18 or more depending on the country where you are playing from. Complete terms and conditions apply.