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Fantasma Games casinos

Did you know that Fantasma can actually mean the feeling of being on top of the world? Thus, it is sometimes referred to as the “state of awesomeness” in some urban areas. But if you will dig its original meaning as a Spanish word, it actually means “ghost”. From being a fantastic name to being a ghost, this sure has a very contradicting meaning. However, no one says that you can combine both for the sake of entertainment purposes. Despite the cool meanings, this article is about the casino games provider.

Fantasma Games Casinos

From being a word that can bring chills to many to becoming the pride of Stockholm, Fantasma Games was born. It was established by online gambling veterans so you can expect its products and services to be done by experts.

Where to play Fantasma Games?

Since Fantasma is still working to increase its games, its partner casinos often mix its games with their own. At the same time, they also offer games from other third-party providers. However, you will not have a hard time identifying its games since their uniqueness often stands out. Now, these are some of the top casinos where you can Fantasma Games whenever you want to experience online casinos:

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Depending on the casino you choose, you can also get awesome perks and lots of bonuses like Free Spins. So, be sure to check out Fantasma Games’ slots on any of these casinos now so you don’t miss the fun.

About Fantasma Games

Founded in 2017, Fantasma Games was built by iGaming veterans who are undoubtedly honed with extensive gambling knowledge and expertise. When it comes to the iGaming industry, they are the guys that you can certainly rely on online gambling. All the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Fantasma Games is a game studio that continues to make its mark in the industry. With a vision to create slot games that are beyond the gambling industry, Fantasma aims to create exceptional mobile-friendly games.

Specifically, the company wants to spread a one-handed mobile gaming experience that can make a huge influence on the market. At the same time, Fantasma Games remains to be one of the most versatile companies in the iGaming industry. Why? It’s because it is more than just a small game studio but an all-in-one company that provides products and services as:

Game developer

Did you say HTML and Javascript? If you want to see a unique creation between the lines of HTML and Javascript, just call on Fantasma Games. The company creates new and striking games that can wow the entire casino industry. This is thanks to its team of experienced and resourceful game developers who have a great passion about their craft. Thus, Fantasma ensures that everyone works harmoniously in a dynamic environment to be productive.

Game designer and producer

Fantasma game designers and producers are there as front liners when it comes to revolutionizing the iGaming industry. To maintain its team’s natural talent in innovating the casino’s landscape, it provides new opportunities. This includes teaching them about the latest technologies and skills until they honed their abilities. In case you want to join their team, you should have an “open, playful, and inquisitive mind”. Most importantly, you need to be brave enough to face new challenges on the way to grow into a valuable asset.

Math designer

Who said game providers don’t have math experts around? At Fantasma Games, math designers are very important on each casino game. Fantasma math designers incorporate their so-called “mathematical souls” into each game to make it more exciting to customers. They also create computer simulations and analysis of all new and current math models. They are also the one who is responsible for creating program prototypes that will visually represent all game/math models. Together with the game designers, they contribute to the designs and conception of each game.

Project manager

Also known as the “scrum masters”, Fantasma project managers are the face of each team. They are the most social and positive people around who are trained to be more than “faceless cogs” behind machines. They handle each project by communicating and organizing the ideas they voice out. Furthermore, Fantasma Games ensures that they serve as a positive influence on their team members where everyone should feel accepted. With the same goal in mind with their members, they work together with ease.

Must try Fantasma games

Even with only 10 employees, Fantasma Games managed to create a total of 8 game portfolios and still counting. Though the company is currently focused on creating groundbreaking slots, they are certainly doing great at it. So, here is a taste of its current and newest games that make noise in the iGaming industry:

  • Flower Fortunes Megaways
  • Spooky 5000
  • The Grid
  • Chicken Storm
  • Samurai Ken
  • Super Sumo
  • Neo Spin
  • Golden WuSun
  • Heroes Hunt Megaways

Why try these games

Designed and crafted using the latest gaming technology, the game studio made sure that its players experience nothing but convenience. Thus, you can access its partner online casinos and play these games on various gaming devices. Whether you are using a desktop or mobile device, Fantasma Games’ platform got your back.

Each game is made with a unique title and a theme that can spark players’ interest. This helps the game studio keep the customers coming back for more. With a state of the art technology, Fantasma slots are born to hold its players’ attention by providing awesome gameplay. Of course, you got to give its team some credits for their hard work in showing off high-quality graphics. From the titles’ font styles to the entire games’ design and sound effects, you just got to love them.

Some slots show what a modern online slot should really look like but keep a bit of the classic feel. For instance, its Spooky 5000 provides a 3D slot experience, mobile-friendly interface, and hassle-free navigation. But in spite of its modern looks, Fantasma Games built it with 3 x 3 reels and 5 pay-lines. Sounds like classic slots, right? This style of slot just proves that classic slots don’t really have to look and sound classic all the time. They can look as modern or futuristic as possible but work in a very classic way.


Fantasma’s site doesn’t reveal any current license that they hold. However, you can make sure that the game studio’s partner casinos and other game providers are all reputable companies. As a matter of fact, Fantasma Games now has more than 200 active operator partners. According to the company’s 2015 index, it earned about £1.2 billion revenue which came from its over 39% growth rate yearly.

In 2016, its index revealed that the game studio has a total of 236 active companies that help it grow. Despite being a relatively small company, Fantasma Games is no doubt one of the most influential names in the industry. From at its young age, it already managed to reach the spotlight gather a large number of partners at its side. So, some of its reputable partners that help distribute its games to online casinos include:

Among these companies, one of the most significant is its collaboration with Yggdrasil Gaming. Why? It is because the company’s collaboration with the Yggdrasil Masters program gave them a bigger opportunity to enhance their games. In addition, this opened a new door for them to widen their reach in European countries with the best casino operators.

Thus, Fantasma’s CEO Fredrik Johansson stated that “…We are excited to begin this cooperation and to further develop our ideas with Yggdrasil as the leader in slot innovation. We are confident this will take Fantasma Games to new heights.” This 2019, Yggdrasil and Fantasma’s might release its first games using the former’s promotional tools called BOOST. Thus, their games will be available in all Fantasma and Yggdrasil operators.


Overall, Fantasma Games is an impressive game provider with a small but highly talented team of professionals. Even though it is still considered as a young company, the quality of its products and services are beyond average. Inspired by the passion for gaming and the expertise of each operator, affiliate, and supplier, Fantasma provides innovative games. Just as promised, the game studios slots are more than a means of gambling but also a great source of entertainment.

But since the company is yet to build a huge list of game portfolio, we’re looking forward to more games. As its game portfolio grows, you can also expect to see its scope widen as the days pass by.