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Foxium casinos

It’s fine to focus on the bigger things but sometimes it’s also worth it to take a risk and try something new. Perhaps it is easier to try and stick with the biggest names when it comes to the gambling industry. But what you didn’t know is that there are more to discover if you look at casinos a little closer. Believe it or not, there are over 30 game providers today that supply different types of games to online casinos.

Some of them are even popular already for supplying gaming solutions to land-based casinos. These game providers came from different parts of the world to share their creations to millions of players. Now, it’s about time that you discover one of the youngest game providers in the industry. Clearly inspired by their love towards foxes, Foxium rose into fame by using their own charms and subtleness.

So, read on to learn more about how Foxium established their brand and competed with the biggest game providers.

Foxium casinos

When you want to play these fascinating games, you have to go to one of the following casinos to play:

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About Foxium

Founded in 2015, Foxium established its brand name and set its base in Tallinn, Estonia. But despite being referred to as “newbie” amongst its competitors, Foxium never faltered. Instead, the competition served as gasoline to ablaze its passion for creating a new generation of games online. When Foxium was established, all of its games were launched with the help of the Odobo development platform.

But since Odobo stopped operating in 2016, it continued distributing games by signing distribution contracts with NYX Gaming Group and Microgaming. Obviously, Foxium knows how to find a great solution in order to keep the company running. Not only that, the new connections helped the company find new avenues of growth.

Foxium’s journey

Foxium is probably not the first company that comes into players’ minds when it comes to casino game providers. Aside from being new in the online platform, it had a quite challenging beginning right after it was introduced. Right after the collapse of Odobo in 2016, they strived to find a new solution to distribute its games. Fortunately, the situation led the company to partner with two of the biggest names in the online gambling industry.

For those regular casino players online, it is quite impossible not to recognize the names of Microgaming and NYX Interactive. Regardless, Foxium and its team of veterans in the gambling industry kept moving forward as a new software provider. With the same mission and vision, the company made its name on the in-demand list of game providers. For a newbie, it really is a big achievement to celebrate especially now that it is competing globally.

Foxium is not in a hurry when it comes to boosting their name on the market. One step at a time, the company continues to build their gaming portfolio which in fact is growing fast. Thanks to its new partner Velo Partners, the company has access to the team and network of RNG Foundry now.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, RNG Foundry is a gaming accelerator. It was launched before in association with Velo Partners which is currently the most active gaming investor in the UK. Primarily, the goal of this accelerator is to fund and work with talented creators in the gaming industry. Thus, Foxium can focus on improving its craft while its technical resources, distribution prospects, and capital are taken care of.

Until now, the company remains true to their goal which is “to outfox the ordinary”.

Software platform

Are you one of those people who spend more time on mobile phones than other gadgets? If yes, then Foxium is just the right game provider that can keep you entertained with its slots. Determined to keep up with the latest trends, the company already took their software platform to the next level. Creating games using HTML 5, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience regardless of the device you use.

This means that you can play Foxium’s games on mobile devices too whenever you want to have a good time. Forget about downloads and unreasonable sizes of casino games; you don’t have to download anything just to play its games. All you have to do is get your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and fire up your search engine. Right there in your browser, you can play its games that are offered by various online casinos.

With continues collaboration with the biggest companies like NYX Interactive, Foxium continues to create top-notch mobile-friendly games. This is part of the deal between the two companies wherein Foxium designs and creates the game using NYX Interactive’s supplied foundation. This way, both companies continue to strengthen their relationship while maintaining a healthy competition.

Must try Foxium games

Packed with the latest and the state of the art technology, Foxium builds its games using a unique style. Considering the company was formed by veterans in the gambling industry, its games are done with a touch of expertise. One look and you can already tell that you are in the hand of experts. Moreover, all slots of Foxium are designed with a unique theme and story that immerse players in the game. Thus, players experience nothing but excitement and loads of fun while playing its games from Foxium:

  • The Off Forest
  • The Lost Riches of Amazon
  • Lucky Bakery
  • FruitZ
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Las Vegas
  • Adelia The Fortune Wielder
  • Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion
  • The Great Albini

Where to play Foxium games?

If you haven’t experienced playing Foxium games, then you’re missing a lot. Instead of browsing mindlessly online, you can entertain yourself with high-quality games from this very game provider. Who knows, you might be the next millionaire from an online casino so be sure to sign up now. So, be sure to check out any online casino from this list and play all you want


Overall, Foxium is a very interesting casino game provider. Currently focused on creating high-quality video slots, the company is yet to double up the number of its games. But that is totally fine since it’s still young and there have tons of time ahead to make more. But what we really find impressive about Foxium is its unique games that are not only flashy. Each game has a different story to tell with 3D characters and cool narratives that are played with dynamic soundtracks.

With awesome graphics and gameplay, there is no way you can ever ignore the beauty of Foxium games. Most importantly, you can access their games whether you are using a PC or a smartphone. Thus, you can enjoy any of its games without a hassle even if you’re out for a long trip.