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Free Spins Bonus | New No Deposit Casinos 2022

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Apparently, you are looking for a free spins bonus, am I right? Or perhaps a new no deposit casino 2022? You have come to the right page for that! We are here to show you the best free spins bonuses from the best UK online casinos. At Gamblingbulldog we are determined to bring you the best free spins bonuses to the UK players who are into gambling!

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What is a free spins bonus?

Free Spins Bonus And New No Deposit Casinos 2019Free spins bonus is a bonus, which you can actually get without any payment. So yes, there are “free lunches”. Except in this case, it means spins, which you can turn into lunch in the future if you got lucky. Typically these bonuses are for slot games such as Starburst, which is probably the most popular slot for hosting all the free spins bonus players. Nowadays though, the game selection for these spin bonuses is much wider and casinos do even offer them to new games.  Unfortunately, days, when we used to see even hundreds of free spins seem to have gone to their end. That is simply for the reason, that even though the free spins are free for the players, they simply are not that for the players. Sometimes we do see some new casinos who start their journey by offering a  massive amount of free spins, but they usually stop that after a very short time. Simply because it gets too expensive for them. But thanks the igaming GOD, we still do have free spins bonuses.

And it´s so easy to get the free spins bonus. All you need to do is to create an account and that´s it. Once you have verified your account, you are good to go and start playing with your free spins. Just make sure, that you are obeying the rules, otherwise you might and most likely will lose all the possible winnings you could get from the free spins. And possibly even get your account shut.

For those, who are new into the whole online casino gambling and are afraid to give any personal information, we can assure you that all the casinos we are listing are regulated by the UKGC, which means that they operate under extremely strict rules. This means, that there is no way, they are using your information wrong. And to ease your mind. Never ever has there been an information leak from online casinos.

What are deposit bonus free spins

Clearly, this is the kind of free spin that is permanently tied to a required amount of deposit. This means that you have to comply with the required number of deposit/s before you can claim your Free Spin. This is normally seen on promotional offers where you have to make your first, second, and third deposit to claim all your Free Spins.

Why do the casinos offer free spins bonuses?

The answer is quite simple, they want to get people to try their casino without having to make a deposit. And in the end this is quite fair, isn´t it? I mean, you wouldn´t buy a car without trying it first? Or like in this case, deposit thousands of pounds without trying it first. Well, on most casinos you have to start with a deposit. But it´s much easier to start with a casino that offers the free spins bonus, right? After all, you just want to make sure the casino works smoothly and has all the features you require. After all, we are all different. So in our opinion, casinos that offer are free spins bonuses do take a huge risk of throwing away free money, but usually, in our experience, the casinos who do this, can do this, because they are so good and people actually do come back.

Why should you take the free spins bonus?

A better question would be, why not? In the end, they are free. So it does not require anything from you and you get to try the casino before making the decision of a deposit. All you got to do, is to open an account with them. And once you like the casino, then you can make a deposit. And if you didn´t you can just stop playing in this casino and try another free spins bonus from our list.

How to use your free spins when there is no deposit required?

Normally, online casinos tell straight away how their Free Spins can be used without making a deposit first. Depending on the casino you want to make an account, you can use your specific number of Free Spins on selected Casino Slots only. Apparently, you may not be able to enjoy some of your favourite slots since your choices will be limited. Even if your chosen online casino offers over 500 slots, there will only be a few Casino Slots where you can use your Free Spins.

If there is one game where you can use your special Free Spins commonly, it would probably be Starburst. It is a widely played slot in various online casinos and considered as one of the most popular slots. Another slot where these special Free Spins are commonly allowed to use is Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt.

All free spins and no deposit casinos

We have gathered all the free spins and no deposit casinos in the UK on this list:

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Free spins 2022 – UK. Terms and conditions apply. 18+

Free spins wagering requirements

When choosing the right bonus for you, it is important to look at the wagering requirements. They determine how much you need to play before you can cash out anything. There can be huge differences. That is why you always find the wagering requirements

Thus, it is very important that you read the online casino’s terms and conditions, especially the bonus policy. It is important that you understand those terms before claiming the bonus.

What is a deposit bonus?

Well, usually casinos offer 2 type of bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses.  Deposit bonuses are bonuses that in order to get one, the player needs to make a deposit, so that is not free in any way. You would always have to put your own money to get the deposit bonus. For example, many casinos offer a 100% bonus. That would mean, that if the player deposits £50, the player would then receive another £50. Typically, the deposit bonus does not have any roof for possible winnings. However, there are exceptions to this too. So please read our detailed reviews of the casinos you are interested in!

New no deposit Casino 2022

Even though offering no deposit bonuses has gone rarer, it still happens! Below we are listing all the new no deposit casinos 2022. Choose the bonus, the suits best for you and enjoy the experience. And there´s no reason, why you couldn´t try them all. That way it´s easier for you to decide, which casino suits you the best.

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Who are we?

We are a group of gamblers and we have a mission: To help other gamblers to choose the best online casinos for their requirements. Why do we do this? There are so many online casinos these days. Did you know, that there are thousands of them? So we want to do this favour for you by going through them all, choosing the best ones and writing the reviews of them, so you can choose the best for you. After all, we cannot tell exaclty, which online casino would you like the most. And on the list above, you´ll see all the best free spins bonus and new no deposit casino 2022 options.  To gather this list, we´ve gone through hundreds of online casinos. And all the bonuses and brands we are listing, are regulated by the UKGC.