2 more casinos to leave the UK

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Sadly, again I have to write such news. This time it is double news.

It´s not the first time and most likely not the last time that some casinos are about to leave the UK this year. This time the ones to head to the shadows are Vera&John and InterCasino.

As usual, they did not really specify why they are leaving, but most likely the reason is as what usually is the reason in business – not enough profit.

These 2 are not shutting completely, but will only cease to exist in the UK.

Is it just me, or are is the speed for casinos leaving the UK market speeding? It is understandable though. There are more and more casinos competing of the same players. Not everyone can succeed. Not even Vera&John, which is very popular in their other markets, such as the Nordic countries.

The cease date for both of these casinos is 3rd of September. So if you have and funds inside there, it is advisable to play that money away now and in case of winning, withdraw them before that.

The representatives of the casinos have told me that there are too many regulations, rules and taxes, together with bonus abusers that make UK a hard place to operate. Because of the taxes and other costs, they cannot afford to give great bonuses to the players and for this reason the bonuses are not as good as you might see in Scandinavian countries.

It remains to be seen, where all this is heading. Usually, when something new is about to settle down, there is a little storm. Now we are living the storm part and hopefully soon the whole industry finds its frames.

At least, new casinos do not seem to be leaving the market so fast. Seems like the brands usually try for a year or two before making such a hard decision. Yet, it´s not all the casinos leaving the market.