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NetEnt is going to publish one of the most waited games of this year very soon. The game will be called BerryBurst. Yes, you guessed right, it will be some kind of sequel to Starburst. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the game itself, so what we can do now, is to speculate.

What can we expect from BerryBurst then? Well, if it is going to be anything like Starburst, it will be popular, for sure. Starburst is one of the most popular slot games of all time. Those are big shoes to fill. And what is going to happen to the star version? Is NetEnt going to start to move the focus from that to Berry? And how would that happen?

Well, most likely we can expect Berryburst to have a lot of bonuses, given by Netent themselves. If their focus is to make this new game their new popular burst game.

How will the game look like?

The design, as we can see from the picture, looks very familiar, doesn´t it? Only the symbols are changed into berry themed ones. The sound world day is a bit disappointing, however, it suits very well the theme. Then again, these are just opinions. What do you think about the design and sounds? In the end, the slot is designed to be a simple game that as many people as possible will like to play and it looks like that from that point of view, they will succeed.

BerryBurst publishing day

The day we are all waiting, is the 23rd of August and the game will be published in the UK as well on that same day. The only country that has to wait for the game until the 5th of September, is Spain.  Make sure to stay tuned for that day as we hope to have some interesting bonuses along with the game!

BerryBurst preview

Have a first look of the game by checking this video published by NetEnt:

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