Biggest conferences of the year are almost here

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If you didn’t know it yet, there are many conferences in the igaming industry around the world. The biggest of them all is organized in London. Actually, there are 2 of those at the same time in the city. Another is called LAC (London Affiliate conference) and the other is called ICELondon.

The first one is mainly focused on affiliate relations, where casinos are reaching online magazines such as us because they want to be promoted. Affiliates themselves are looking for new casinos to promote. As the whole industry is about entertainment, you can be sure that the whole conference is such as well. Fancy lights, different shows, gadgets and so on. Casinos are pretty much ready to do anything to get new affiliates.

Then we have ICE, which is basically known as the Supershow of the industry and for a good reason. All the game developers, casinos and other companies that have anything to do with the industry, will be there. If you think LAC is something, this conference is really something. You might meet sports superstars too, which are representing casinos there. This year the conference has over 600 exhibitors.

It may sound big, but knowing that the event gathers people from all around the world and it is not only about the UK gambling, it is easier to understand why there are so many.

These shows will determine the direction that the igaming will take for the next year. What kind of games and casinos there will be, any new regulations and so much more.

Unfortunately both of these conferences are only open to the professionals of the industry and not for the players. However, the reason we made these news, is that we think that you deserve to know about what is happening in the industry. There will be a report aftert the show, as will also attend to the shows.