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As you probably know, live casino experience in online casinos has been getting more and more popular lately. Most likely that is because the technology is getting better. That means, that the experience is closer to the real one. After all, nowadays these dealers are recorded through HD cameras and the gamblers in their homes have high-speed internets, big screens and home theatres to create the perfect environment. Except there is one thing – instead of players wearing their suits and dresses, many of them are are in their underwear. Do you admit that? I do!

Let´s get to the point. Casumo has built their own live casino. And the reason why this is an interesting news is that it is very abnormal. Casinos rarely build their own live casinos, but those are provided by providers such as NetEnt. So this is something to be excited about.

In their live casino, you can play 2 types of games – Blackjack and Roulette. A bit obvious choices, but we all love these 2 games so why to fix a bike when it still works. They didn´t just throw these casinos to the wild without anything. There are raffles which you can take part in. This is how it looks like:

Roulette raffles:

If you play Casumo Live Roulette between 6th and 9th of August, you get to take part in 2 different raffles. Prizes are something like Apple products. Most likely you would like those. It is very easy to take part in the first one. You just need to bet at least £10 on the table and no matter what´s the outcome, you are in the raffle that is organized on Sunday 12th of August and prize list looks quite good:

1 Apple package (1 iPad pro, 1 iPad mini, 1 iPhone X and 1 MacBook
1 MacBook Pro
1 iPhone X
1 iPad Pro
1 iPad Mini
20 Cash prizes

But that´s not all yet, sorry. If you wager at least £10 on the Live Roulette table you´ll win a ticket to another raffle which is held on the 19th of August and this time the prize is just £10.000! Not bad, right?

If you are not too much into Roulette, worry not, as the Blackjack players are not left alone. And the surprise in Blackjack is quite surprising. The dealer is dealt with some special cards. And these cards are worth of some hard cash. And if one of these cards is dealt on your hands, you´ll get the cash. All you need to do is to play their Live Blackjack between 13th and 17th of August. There will be 20 of these cards. This is how the cards look like:

Gold Card – £500

Green Card – £100

Blue card – £50

Orange card – £30

Red Card – £10

To qualify, you need to bet at least £5 on the table and the rest is on the hands of luck. Good luck!

Oh, again…. There´s still more! Bet at least £5 on the said days and you will be involved in a raffle of £10.000! The winner will be drawn on the 19th of August live (of course) on their site.

If you are into Live Casino experiences online, you should check this one out. We sure will do so!

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