Gala Interactive fined by the UK Gambling Commission

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UK Gambling Commission has issued a £2.3m fine to Gala Interactive arm of the Ladbrokes Coral Group after they have failed to recognise that two of their players were clearly showing signs of gambling problems.

This comes after these two players had gambled over one million pounds in less than a year.  Another player had lost £837,545  while another lost £432,765.

UKGC found out during their studies, that the company had also failed to write down any policies towards players who are showing signs of any problems in their gambling.

The reason for such a high fine is that Gala Interactive had already failed before to take any actions towards players who had shown similar behaviour. UKGC also wants this to work as a warning towards other brands.

Sarah Harrison, CEO at UKGC stated that it is the responsibility of each operator to ensure that they are protecting their customers in such cases where their behaviour might show gambling problems.

What makes this case even more disturbing, is that both of the players mentioned in the beginning were not gambling with their own money and they are now both sentenced by the court.

Part of the fine is used to the victims of the two players while the other part will go towards the research of gambling problems.

Gala Interactive has also promised to fund another £200 000 towards the research.