Gambling more popular in the UK than before

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Despite the general reputation of gambling in media, people do no seem to think the same way. You can come up with these conclusions after the industry statistics of 6 months were published this week. The gross has grown 3,7% since last stats were published.

In total the gross for the period between October 2016 and September 2017 was a massive £13.9 billion.

However, while the numbers keep rising, unfortunately, there has been a drop in the numbers of people being employed by the gambling sector. Compared to the last stats, there has been a drop of 0.8%. Looking at those numbers, it is not a surprise that the number of betting shops has gone south. Now there are 3.2% less betting shops in the UK than last year. However, there still 8, 532 betting shops on the island. We can come up with the conclusion, that the employees are more on the online side, where the gambling has been heading towards slowly, but steady.

But, there are some positive numbers as well to show, since there are now more bingo houses than before. There are now 649 of those and they experienced a 2% rise.

The original gambling machines have also faced a downfall by having a 0.7% drop. Do not worry though, there are still 182,982 gambling machines around the UK.



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