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UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) is on a good track. As many of our readers might already know, they are tightening the laws of gambling, which basically mean that they want to prohibit gambling of underaged people as well as make the laws more player-friendly.

They are now approaching the public to have their say on the new laws. So, if you think you have an idea regarding the age verification that has not yet seen the daylight, you can tell that to them now using this age and identity online survey.

It is yet unclear, which direction this topic will take in the UK. In the Nordic countries, the industry has already started to see no account brands, which means that players will verify their accounts only by using their online banking logins. This means that the casino will never have to ask the verification information, such as utility bills and bank statements. What´s good in this, is that there can be longer a situation where the casino can say “you did send us acceptable documents”. Therefore, this type of model is more player-friendly and creates faster transactions between the casinos and the players.

It remains to be seen what is coming. Have your say now while you still can. It is up to us where we want the industry to head.