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NetEnt has announced some very exciting news for all the Jumanji fans out there! That is, that there will be a Jumanji Video Slot release by NetEnt on 21st of June 2018! We at Gamblinbulldog are happy to be among the first ones to announce the news to the gambling world in the UK.


Before looking at the Jumanji Slot, let’s have a look at the Jumanji brand itself for those who do not know what it is (Shame on you). The first Jumanji movie was launched back in 1995 and the main role was played by late Robin Williams. Other roles were portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt and Jonathan Hyde.

The movie tells about a board game, which is not a very usual board game, at all. At the beginning of the movie, a boy, which is bullied by other kids, hears a drumming sound which turns out to be coming from a board game. He manages to convince his girl-friend to play the game with him, but as mentioned, Jumanji is not the usual game, so the game ends up sucking this boy inside the game. After that, the game itself is being forgotten inside the house.

Years pass and a new family moves into the house. These new kids hear again this drumming sound and they end up playing the game. This time the game decides to come to their reality, bringing the whole jungle, among the boy, who is now a grown man portrayed by Robin Williams. Along the way, his old girl-friend joins the group as well.

The movie is a touching action piece about the group trying to finish the game and put the jungle back inside the board game.

Funny thing is, critics did not like the movie at all and in the end, the movie had a huge economic success.

The word Jumanji means “Several effects” in the Zulu language.

in 2017 another Jumanji movie was released.  It goes by the name Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It is starred by Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black.

Many people thought, that the movie came too fast after Robin William´s death and that there would be no need to ruin his legacy by spoiling the Jumanji movies.

After all, the new Jumanji is completely different compared to the original and is said to be a sequel, not a remake. In Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle Jumanji is a video game, played by 4 teens which get sucked into the game, which again means going inside the jungle. While in there, all the characters get an Avatar.

Jumanji Video Slot

So, now that you know what the whole Jumanji thing is about, let´s take a look at today´s great news. Which is, that NetEnt announced that they are releasing a Jumanji video slot game! There is not too much information just yet, but by looking at the video they have already released, it looks like the slot is going to be based on the original Jumanji instead of the new one. We are this is a very pleasant information for many.

NetEnt keeps on making slots based on the big Hollywood movies and Jumanji Video Slot follows the trails of the slot based on the Planet of the Apes, which was released back in 2017.

Unfortunately, there is not much information from NetEnt on what the Jumanji Slot will include, but most likely we can expect the slot to at least on the same level as the Apes slot. We would be disappointed if there weren´t any rhinos and impressing Wild features!


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