LAC/ICE 2020 is behind the corner

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One of the biggest online gambling conferences called LAC and ICE are about to happen this year. They will be organized in london between 5th of February and 8th of February. These 2 events are known to be the biggest ones in the Europe, so there will be many attendants from all over the world.

While LAC is more focused on the marketing of the casinos, ICE is all about the games. If you have ever been in Excel, London, you know how big those halls are. Now imagine those massive halls covered with slot machines and big screens telling about upcoming games. The whole show is like a circus, in a good way. You might even see some sports stars in the event as well, as many of them are being sponsored by some famous casinos.

These 2 events will also reward the best casinos, games and so on and there are many categories, where the industry companies and employees can be rewarded.

Unfortunately these events are not for public, which means that if you are a player and not working for anyone in the industry, you will not able to attend. However, we at are going to make a reportage from the event, as we will be attending there.