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Casumo and Yggdrasil have good news for their fans. Starting from 18th of April, a new game called Lucha Maniacs has been exclusively available to play at Casumo. And it´s not just for a day or 2, but until 24th of April. So if you wish to play this action-packed slot, you need to do it at Casumo. Casumo is one of the leading online casinos in the world with their unique design and gameplay. For all the new players the welcome bonus is 100% up to £300. If you thought you every casino looks the same, you haven´t seen Casumo. So make sure to check them out if you are in need of something new and refreshing.

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The game introduces a new feature called Golden Bet, it will be a bit more expensive than the usual bet but it can give you new features to free rounds. Overall, the slot is full of interesting features and one of them is the feature, where you need to get only 2 scatters to enter the Pick´n´Click game, where the players can win more scatters to reach free rounds, this is very much like typical double your money effect in poker, very nice add indeed.. Sounds a bit complicated, but still interesting.  In a way with all the cards the game reminds us of the good old Pokemon card games. What do you think?

Based on our playing the game is another masterpiece from Yggdrasil, which has recently been publishing several popular games does not disappoint us with this game. Perhaps in the future, we will see them challenging other providers for the position of most popular game provider!

Basically, the game itself is based on the wrestling culture in Mexico. A very interesting theme indeed. If you didn´t know, show wrestling is a huge thing in there. sometimes you think that the slots have seen at all, but perhaps we have all been wrong.

You can check the intro and gameplay videos below.

The game itself looks like this: