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You probably know what is UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). But did you know, that a couple years back they decided to put the casino operators against the wall and really challenge them and the way they operate?

This is because the UK had to start to become some kind of Wild West for casinos, meaning lots of false advertisement, false promises, mistreating customers and so much more. That meant, that it was the players were always the ones to lose in a way or another and the operators were the ones who were laughing on the way to the bank.

And it´s not just the casinos. There were also affiliates, who were marketing the casinos with false promises to their readers. As you can see, anything above does not sound good at all. Something had to be done.

It was already last year when the new regulations started to roll in. Technically all the rules were pointed towards the operators, but it also meant that if the affiliates will not follow the rules the operators give, their accounts will be shut. Some of the first rules were quite simple: Brands were no longer allowed to be promoted in social media (because brands cannot follow how they are being promoted there), Terms and conditions have to be easily accessible and the term free spins was banned unless the spins were actually free. So unless the spins are credited upon registration without any conditions, they are not free spins. Though, still to this date, you see some casinos using this term and mistreating other rules that were given.

This is coming to an end now.

From the 31st of October, UKGC will have stronger tools against the casinos who are overlooking all these rules. These brands will be facing for some tough actions from UKGC. These new requirements make taking action a lot easier. This is what we will be looking for:

  • If a casino is advertising falsely or towards kids, giving a fine will be easier.
  • If affiliates do not follow the rules of casinos, the casinos will have consequences.
  • Unfair terms for withdrawals will lead to actions against the casino.
  • From the end of October, all the complaint cases must be resolved within 8 weeks
  • Spam marketing will lead to actions against gambling firms

For some, all these rules may sound like unnecessary overprotection but the truth is, some players do need protection when it comes to gambling. We all do if a casino decides to be difficult when we try to get our money out.

We at Gamblingbulldog.com are happy about these new rules. In near future, we may be looking into a situation, where gambling is not anymore shady or something that you kind of need to be ashamed of. That might be because we would all know that the casino industry is more regulated than any other consumer industry.

Stay tuned for more news about the gambling regulation. We´ll keep you updated!