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Our ship is once again being taken over by Pirates. But we are safe, they are friendly. There is still space for more.

Okay, let´s get serious then. Jumpman Gaming has set sails for a new brand called Pirate Slots. As you probably know, they´ve published quite many brands recently, but this one might be a bit different.

The brand looks very modern and chose to have the theme that we´re still not yet fed up with – Pirates. It started with the famous movie series over a decade ago but looks like our generations eagers for more. This is why there are a lot of games, casinos and slots within this theme. This obviously means that the competition is higher so Pirate Slots is taking a risk when jumping into this. Just because something is popular, does not mean that instant success is on the way.

So, as we said, at least the brand looks good, that´s something where to start from. The account registration is fairly fast. But what we really like, is the number of different campaigns and bonuses. Although, we are missing the “normal” welcome bonus. Pirate Slots has decided to go with the 1 spin on Mega Reel. This is the type of bonus that has become more popular lately. But, they are doing it differently. Instead of just spinning the wheel, you get to open the Loot Chest, which smoothly goes with the theme.

Something we feel like is worthy of mentioning is that if you prefer to make deposits via Skrill or Neteller, that´s not possible at Pirate Slots. However, all the other crucial payment methods are available.

The brand is definitely a worth of trying. It may not offer anything spectacularly, but it definitely has something for someone who likes pirates and steady casino brands!

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