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It is going to be a spectacular year. After all, there will be so many new casinos in 2019, especially in the UK. As you may have noticed, there has been more and more casinos and they are getting better and better. This is mainly for the reason, that the UKGC has come up with regulations, that guarantee the best service for the online casino players in the UK. Though sometimes they may seem rough with their regulations, we can assure, it is always for the players´ best.

And it is our job here at gamblingbulldog.com to bring you the best new casinos 2019. And we do so by going through them one by one. By them, we mean all the new UK casinos that have obtained the UKGC license. The work is hard, but we do not mind doing that. After all, we know that it saves your time. We are excited of the new year 2019 because it will bring such casinos that we have never seen before. After all, we are living in a time, where Live Casino experience is getting better, we are living in a time, where graphics are more accurate than ever. Not to forget to mention, that slots are starting to look more like console games.

It´s not just the looks and games that improve. Payments are getting faster and customer service together with retention is getting more accurate. That is simply because there are so many new casinos who to compete with. To be the best, you need to know your players!

For this reason, we put our standards high for new casinos 2019 in the UK. To get the best ratings from us, the casino actually has to be a really good one. All our reviews are made from a player´s perspective.

What to expect

In the year 2019 casinos are more regulated, more player-focused and much more fun to look at. There are no more casinos that do not know what they are doing. In this year, you need to know what you are doing or the casinos simply do not have any players. 2019 the markets are players´ markets. They choose who will survive in this industry.

2019 Mobile Casinos

As you may know, the industry is moving towards mobiles, simply because that´s what the whole internet is doing. 2019 people are more mobile casino focused and so are the casino developers. Around half of the people already use mobile, so their needs cannot be skipped. You may have already noticed, that many brands actually look better on mobile than on desktop. And this is the path of the development in the whole industry and will continue to be so.

2019 Slot Games

Slots and live games will be more beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking and these emotions are built together with graphics and the sound world. You can easily play online slots with headphones on, together with full screen on your wall and the experience is actually enjoyable, even if you wouldn’t press the spin button. Old school fruit games are soon a part of the history, even though those will always have their own fan base. You may have noticed the engagement between slots and movies. We are pretty sure this is a path that has not yet seen its end.


The online casino experience in 2019 is cleaner, prettier and more like an experience such as going to movies. Just think about how new casinos were in the 1800s. we have come far from the dirty saloons, where the hookers loiter and the men are drunk. Now the casino experience is very safe and clinical and there´s nothing to be ashamed of.

Take a look at all the new casinos to find the best one for you.