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Gambling Commission has introduced new regulations for operators which are to ensure that every player has the access to their information at every operator which will help them to make decisions about their gambling activity.

These new regulations say operators must:

  • Ensure consumers are able to directly access 3 months’ worth of account and gambling information, with a minimum period of 12 months available on request
  • Ensure account and gambling history provides easy to understand totals for a defined period (for example, the ability to be able to view transaction history for the previous two months)
  • Give consumers access to information about their net deposits (ie the running total of all deposits minus the sum of all withdrawals)
  • Allow consumers to set financial limits across their entire gambling account as well as individual games.

Sharon McNair, program director at the GC said, that this was necessary due to the fact, that they found operators having different procedures on this issue. “The findings of our recent consultation indicate that there are differences in approach amongst licensees in relation to the level of information available to their consumers and the ease by which that information is accessible.

The new requirements seek to address this and ensure greater consistency in the information available to consumers regardless of who they choose to gamble with. Gambling operators must see beyond the bottom line, and ensure both new and existing gambling products are effectively managing the risks to the licensing objectives, keeping gambling safe and fair for all.”

Even though the regulations were published now, operators have until 1st of April, 2018 to implement them on their sites. Mrs McNair also said, that even though the gambling industry keeps growing from the £4.5 billion industry, where it stands now and keeps developing new products and technologies every day, she  wants to remind the operators that gambling regulators are also adapting and developing their regulations for the protection of the consumers.


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