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So,  you probably have the itch for playing some extra cash you have? Or you might be a regular gambler and you like to try out new sites every time you play. As you know, there are thousands of online casinos and as they might feel like “They´re all the same”, they are not. As a matter of fact, from the players perspective, the casinos can vary a lot.

Here´s why it´s important to read the reviews:

The reviews provide information on the following aspects:

Casino bonuses – If you like to play with bonuses, you should know that there are hundreds of variations of bonuses and it is not just about the percentages and up to how much it is. The terms and conditions are the main things. The bonuses vary between the wagering requirements, maximum bet allowed and the maximum cashout allowed.

Games – Every casino has a different selection of games. You cannot be sure that you will find your favourite game in each casino.

Payment options – As there are several different payment and withdrawal options nowadays, it is not guaranteed that every casino offers to option you prefer to use.

Customer service – If you want the be served quick,  then chat is your thing. But if you don´t  really mind of how long it will take to get answered, then e-mails are your thing. This is also such an information you will find at reviews.

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