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Are you a fan of big cats? If you do then you probably heard already how a tiger’s roar can wake every single living thing in the vicinity. As you know, there are casino games that are launched every month in different parts of the world. As a result, thousands of online casino games can be found in various casinos that are established online.

As a matter of fact, one of the reputable game providers that are making a huge name not only in Europe but also in Asia is the Red Tiger. You may have heard of this popular online casino game provider since it was founded way back in 2014. Having a group of veterans in the iGaming industry, Red Tiger was able to build a remarkable track record of casino game development in not just one continent in the world.

With a growing team of experts that include graphic designers, gambling experts, software developers, mathematicians, audio engineers, and so much more, Red Tiger presents to you one of their newest masterpiece called Jester Spins.

Jester Spins Online Slot

Jester Spins is one of the latest slots by Red Tiger together with another slot game called Flaming Fox. As seen on the Red Tiger’s performance in the past few years, this online casino game provider is really a topnotch player in the industry. After releasing one of the hottest casino games now called Laser Fruit, all eyes are now on the soon to be released Jester Spins which consist of the classic 3 reels and 5 pay lines.

Thus, it is safe to say that this 3×3 themed slot is a must-awaited slot by those casino players who are into traditional fruit machines. Jester Spins offers a huge winning potential for every £100 you wager with up to 96.19% RTP. Just like the previous slots of Ref Tiger, Jester Spins has a simple but comprehensive setup and gameplay that are both loved by many online players.

Slot Design

Packed with the signature look of Red Tiger and fruit slots, Jester Spins combined the elements together to come up with a high-intensity neon light powered graphics. However, Red Tiger shifted a little when it comes to Jester Spins’ graphics which shows an 80s look whereas the typical classic slots are packed with just bright and cartoony graphics. Though other people have doubts about the slots combination of design, it actually works to create a big impact and impress players.

The 80s modern retro look and a fruit slot create a brilliant combination that can catch any casino player’s attention. Just one look of the slots sneak peak game shots and you will approve that this slot was really made by experts that have a high grasp of the traditional fruit slots. But unlike other slots released by Red Tiger, Jester Spins is just one of the few slots that are designed with only 3 reels which are considered Classic.

Slot Features

Aside from the classic 3 reels and 5 pay lines, Jester Spins features brightly coloured symbols and a clear pay table for players. The slot consists of 7 winning symbols wherein landing a full screen of the Stars, for instance, would give you a 75x win. But if you land a full screen on Sevens which holds the biggest prize, you will get 100x win. The complete list of Jester Spins winning symbols are the following:

7 (x3) = 100

Star (x3) = 75

Bell (x3) = 50

Watermelon (x3) = 30

Grapes (x3) = 20

Plums (x3) = 15

Cherries (x3) = 10

Though there are only 5 pay lines to be watched by players on the Jester Spins slot, you can always get more winning potentials from bonuses. Just like other popular slots, Jester Spins also offer Free Spins which is revealed as “Jester” symbols. If you land 3 Jester symbols on your reels during the base game mode, you will automatically get 10 Free Spins. Landing 2 or 3 Jester symbols during the free spins mode will also give you a cash prize with a random amount.

But the best thing about this free spins mode is that it can give you up to 500x cash prize! This is a prize you shouldn’t miss whether you are a fruit slot lover or not. The cash prize increases as you get more 2 or 3 Jester symbols on the reels until you reach the top prize 500x. The absolute maximum multiplier of this slot is 1900.

Betting and Prizes

Similar with other Red Tiger slots, Jester Spins players can bet a minimum of £0.20 up to £40 per spin. This means that the Jester Spins’ betting system starts with £0.20 where each pay line has a £0.04 value. The maximum bet per line is £8 which leads to a maximum stake of £40 per spin. As mentioned in the Jester Spins pay table, landing any of the 7 winning combinations will give you a certain amount of coins.

Thus, be sure to take into account your line bet all the time not your total bet in order to get bigger wins. If you get the 500x reward during the free spins mode, you will get a total of £4,000 which may still increase up to £20,000 since slot has 5 pay lines. You can even take home up to £50,000 if you are the type of player that prefers to wager on maximum amount.

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Jester Spins’ graphics is definitely a big advantage despite the fact that its neon colour design is getting a little repetitive already for some players since Laser Fruit. Moreover, even if Jester Spins’ 3-reel classic design with 5 pay lines are considered as an advantage, it can also be the slot’s disadvantage since it will be harder for players to land on the winning combinations.

Jester Spins may not be the best fruit slot online, but its entire package is really impressive especially its prize multipliers during the free spins mode. You can increase your chances of winning bigger prizes as the game progress in the free spins mode.