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Do you hear something? Because I can hear the sound that says gaming! Turning to gambling might not be the first thing that people usually think of to build their hobbies around, but gambling sure is fun. In fact, if you’ve been around in the gambling industry for the past 10 years, you’ve probably heard about Betsoft already.

What made Betsoft Gaming special? Well, Betsoft is just one of the most leading providers of igaming products in the world thanks to their team of professional engineers, account manager, game designers, software developers, graphic artists, marketing specialists, and of course, 3D animators.

Aside from their cinematic 3D games, Betsoft’s igaming products are fully packed with the best casino management platform so it’s never a problem selecting the best games from their collection. If you want a new slot then Betsoft Gaming has something fresh for you. Introducing the latest and most sensational slots made by Betsoft called Reels of Wealth. Keep reading to know all the twists and turns of this new Reels of Wealth slot.

Reels of Wealth Slot

Recently released this April 2018, the Reels of Wealth slot really made a great impact on the online casino industry. As a matter of fact, Beftsoft Gaming calls the Reels of Wealth as one of their “most exciting new BIG WIN games” this 2018. So if you really want to cash in a great deal of money then the Reels of Wealth slot is for you. The Reels of Wealth slot is full-packed with toned jewels, gold bars, treasure-filled vaults, and more cash! (Review continues below the video)

Slot Designs and Theme

From the slot’s music alone, your excitement level can already hype. With the big band music in the background, you will certainly be encouraged to bet up to 10 lines. When it comes to the graphics of the Reels of Wealth slot, I can definitely say that it deserves a 10 out of 10 rating without a doubt. Though the kind of theme that Reels of Wealth has is something that can be seen in most online casino slots, it still is top-notch. Of course, its treasure themed slot is surrounded by various kinds of valuables in the world.

There are multi-coloured gemstones, gold coins, and more items made of gold that created the huge piles of sparkling gold in the background. In other words, wealth can be seen everywhere you look in the Reels of Wealth slot even in the present symbols in the slot. Expect to see scattered Vault Doors, Jewelry boxes, Wild Multiplier logos, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, a bag of gems, gold bars, poker icons, treasure chests, and tons of cash. Thus, there is no doubt why millions of players from different parts of the world not just in the UK are getting hooked in this slot.

Slot Features

Reels of Wealth slot is a 5 x 3 slot with 10 pay lines. With this state-of-the-art mini-game of Megastar Jackpot, players take advantage of the wage-free Re-Spin that comes with the slot’s “Rolling Wins” platform. You can activate the free re-spins by simply hitting a winning combination and you will continue to have the re-spin opportunity as long as you have a newly formed combination. So basically, you get a chance to enjoy Free Spins and increase your “Rolling Wins Multiplier” bar every time you win.

Your first 4 won spins will pay you a regular amount, while your 5th to 7th won spins will pay you 2x until your multiplier reach the 3x payout spin. Once you’ve reached around without a winning combination, the multipliers will go back to 1x and the re-spins will stop. You can still take advantage of the Multiplier feature by getting the wild symbols on the 2nd and 4th reels. Wild symbols can be substituted for most of the symbols in the reels but the Megastars and Scatters are the exceptions.

Getting 2 Wild symbols will also increase your Multiplier by 2x which can give you a chance to win more and increase the Multiplier by 4x. If you’re luck continues, you might still reach up to 12x. The Scatter symbols are signified by the Vault Doors that appear in various positions. You can get a reward for getting this symbol but to get its biggest symbol payout, you need to fill 15 positions with this symbol to get up to 20,000 coins.

Betting and Prizes

With the limited betting line, you can play and enjoy for as low as 0.01 bet per line in the Play Demo. The betting range starts from 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, to 1 in the Play Demo. But with real money, the betting range starts from £0.05 to £100. With at least £0.10, you can already spin the reels but with this betting range, you can have an upper limit which stops at £100. To experience this, you need at least 10 £1 in the betting line.

Looking at the symbols, you can have up to £2,500 payout but you can still make it bigger if the Multipliers are activated by the Rolling Wins and 2 Wild symbols. Thus, your payout can reach up to £30,000! Other progressive jackpots that could give you a win-win are via Legend, Mega Star, Star, and Hero which typically give out at least low-5 and low-6 figures at the start of your game. With a 95.29% RTP, you can be assured that you won’t leave this slot in any online casino site without getting anything.

So far, the highest recorded jackpot prize that a lucky player won is 67,400 but it doesn’t mean that you can’t beat that record. Choose between “Max Bet, Double Up and Auto Play” to try your luck in the Reels of Wealth slot.


Overall, Reels of Wealth is a very impressive slot which also gives impressive wins. This is the kind of slot that players love especially because of its thrilling multipliers, features, progressive jackpots that can keep you on edge of excitement all throughout the game. Take advantage of the Reels of Wealth free spins now to get quadruple payouts or more. The Reels of Wealth slot has the power to entertain and engage players at the same time with its terrific strategy. Play it on your desktop or mobile phone whenever you want without a hassle.

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