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From Relax Gaming, Mega Masks is one of those slot machines that depict rich design. It has a jungle temple inspired theme designed to get the players’ attention. Not to mention the unique graphic designs used to create its mask symbols. Packed with few but impressive features, the slot offers good payouts with 96.61% RTP that you should try.

  • 5 reels
  • 5 rows
  • RTP: 96.61%
  • Minimum bet: £0.1
  • Maximum bet: £100 (£150)
  • Paylines: 41
  • Max win: £250,000
  • Volatility: N/A

Released in March 2020, this can be the slot that can ease your stress from work or the people around you. So, keep your eyes glued to this review to know more about this slot and its developer!

Slot design

Mega Mask Slot has a mix of jungle and tribal designs that can bring you back to the old days. Relax Gaming used symbols in the reels that are inspired by tribal masks, precious gemstones, and so much more. For instance, the tribal masks are designed to look like wooden masks that are worn by the jungle gods. Depicting scary creepy looks, each mask has a different color, piercings, and other facial features.

Its reels are encased by a huge stone structure that looks like a gate in the middle of the jungle. Featuring giant hands on both sides of the reels, any player can reawaken the Mega Masks Temple. Aside from showcasing great visuals, the Mega Masks slot is also packed with awesome sounds and background music.

Slot features

Mega Masks slot is a unique game that features 5 reels and 5 rows. Before you get too excited, you should know that the Mega Masks Slot doesn’t offer loads of features. But as expected from Relax Gaming, you can still expect this game to come with features that can keep players spinning. So, let’s take them one by one by starting with the Mega Bet which consists of two levels.

Mega Bet

Depending on the level that you are in, you can have a different amount of bonuses as an addition to your default wager. Regardless of the level that you’re in, you can still take advantage of its features to increase your bankroll.

  • Mega Bet Level 1

This level costs an extra 20% which increases the frequency of the Mega symbol. During this level, 5 artifacts are automatically removed from the reels once the Free Spin round begins. At the same time, the game’s RTP during this level increases up to 96.41%.

  • Mega Bet Level 2

During this level, the base bet increases by 50% which also increases the frequency of the Mega Symbols. Also, 9 artifacts are automatically removed from the reels once the Free Spin round starts. Of course, the RTP of the game at this level is also increased to 96.61%.

Mega Symbol

As mentioned above, this is another feature that you should anticipate seeing at Mega Masks Slot. The Mega symbol can be triggered randomly anytime which is one thing that we like about this game. Once this feature is activated, 2 or more of your reels will be merged to create symbols with “mega” sizes.

Free Spins

When it comes to slots, we always look forward to getting Free Spins to increase your winnings. Naturally, the more Free Spins you can get the better! In Mega Masts Slot, the way to get it is with the help of a Bonus Scatter symbol. This is represented by the golden Bonus symbol since it is the key to unlock this feature. The Bonus Scatter symbol appears only in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels.

Landing three Bonus Scatter symbols are equivalent to 10 Free Spins. In this round, you will also see a total of 4 vines separating the reels from each other. Each line between the reels starts with 5 artifacts. Once the Mega Bet feature is activated, the mentioned artifacts above will be removed. Between each spin, fireflies fly above the reels to choose their next target.

Once they land on any of those artifacts, it will be cleared from the vines. When there are 5 removed artifacts from a vine, you will get 2 Free Spins as a reward. In this feature, 2 reels can also merge to create super big symbols.

Betting and prizes

Now, let’s get into the betting and prize department where Mega Masks Slot has an edge over other online slots. With a 5 x 5 reels design, this game has up to 41 paylines where you can wager a minimum of £0.10. At the same time, the maximum amount that you can wager is £100. But with its Mega Bet feature, the wager can still go as high as £150 to offer more advantages.

Even if it’s not a progressive jackpot slot, Mega Masks Slot has a pretty impressive RTP which is as high as 96.61%. It has 6.7 maximum exposures and a maximum jackpot prize that is worth 2,451x the total stake. Guess what, this can be equivalent to £250,000 in just a single spin!

Where to play Mega Masks slot

The following Casinos offer Relax Gaming: Mega Masks slot:’

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About Relax Gaming

To introduce the New Gaming Era, Relax Gaming makes sure that its customers are always satisfied. As a B2B multi-product provider, the company drives innovative solutions and brand new offerings to the iGaming industry. Relax Gaming prides itself on formulating a strategy that came from technical excellence and passion for simplicity. Its game portfolio consists of games that are divided into poker, bingo, and casino games.

Available in multiple gaming platforms such as desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices, Relax Gaming promotes a hassle-free gaming experience. Since its founding in 2010, the company continues to expand and spread its name in different parts of the globe.

Final words

Mega Masks Slot is indeed a unique game from its symbols, reel layout, and background graphics and sound effects. Even though it doesn’t have plenty of features, it is enough to wow players and keeps them excited. We also like that it has a high RTP which most players seek. Behind its looks, Mega Masks is a pretty simple slot machine that professionals and beginners can enjoy.