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Usually, when you think of a casino, you think brands like James Bond, drinks like whiskey and suits, black suits. If you go deeper, you think of cigars or men in circles gambling their money. Doesn´t sound very feminine, does it? It is true, that most of the online casinos are designed for men, that probably is because men just like to gamble more. But that is not true and Rose Slots Casino is very much different.

You can even see it from the name, the brand is made for women, although, it is not impossible for a man to like roses too. But let´s be honest, this brand is designed for women and that is a very good news. Women deserve to have their own brand since, in the end, there are not that many of those – if any.

For this reason, we are more than happy to welcome this brand to the online world. But, like any other brand, we´ll make a review of it. We cannot let the roses fool us. Even though I think as always as we men are, we let women go easier…

Take a look at our review below or click yourself straight to Rose Slots Casino:

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