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Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot Review

Mr. Monopoly is back with none other than SG Gaming. Monopoly Big Money Reel is an online slot that has the classic board game theme of the same name. It features a 42 inches curved LCD top box with 1080p HD screens to bring the popular Monopoly to you.

Min bet:£0.2
Max bet:£200
Max win:50,000x
Release date:2018
Our rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where to play Monopoly Big Money slot

These top casinos have Monopoly Big Money in their selection:

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Monopoly Big Money introduction

As part of the Monopoly Series, SG Gaming kept its original design and added features that are user-friendly to players. Monopoly Big Money Reel is more focused on offering better features and gameplay. With 96% RTP and 20 paylines, you can land winning combinations and trigger cool features in its 5×4 reel configuration.

Slot design

Since this slot is based on the classic board game Monopoly, expect to see the familiar name and logo in the game. Of course, there’s Mr. Monopoly with his name written on top of the screen and the distinctive design of the game. This slot version also shows the game board with four corner squares like the original game.

Monopoly Big Money Reel Design

Moreover, all distinctive elements on the board especially its playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro. Thus, its design and rights as used with permission from Hasbro’s as its property trading game and game equipment. The design of the game is visually appealing from its combination of red, blue, silver, and gold colors around. The Note of money symbols in the game is similar to the design of the original Monopoly money board game.

Monopoly Big Money Reel Bonus Game

These Notes range from 20 to 1,000 with their value is also written on the Note symbol. Meanwhile, the Wild symbol is represented by a capital letter M that symbolizes Mr. Monopoly.

Slot features

Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot has 5 reels and 4 rows in the gaming area. Of course, this slot features the classic Monopoly symbols that are also present in the original board game. To make the Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot engaging to customers, SG built it with immersive features. Combined with the board game’s theme, these are the feature that you can expect from this online slot:

Monopoly Bills

One of the most important elements in the Monopoly game is money or bills to be exact. The notes or Mystery Bills can be added to the reels during any spin that is wagered. When these bills appear, all the symbols can be transformed into one of the notes or any combination of the notes. Covering the entire reels with Mystery Bills can trigger the Multiplier which ranges from:

  • Note 20 – 5x your stake
  • Note 50 – 10x your stake
  • Note 100 – 15x your stake
  • Note 200 – 20x your stake
  • Note 500 – 50x your stake

Depending on the notes the filled the reels, these are the number of multipliers you can enjoy.

Monopoly Big Money Reel Spin

Once 5 or more bills appeared anywhere around the gaming area, the Monopoly Big Money Reel Spin bonus will be triggered. Each note on the reels will be collected for the same note on the Monopoly Big Money Reel. There are associated sections that can receive a Multiplier for each type of note that is collected.

The amount of Multiplier is equivalent to the number of note that is collected from the reels. Therefore, all you need to do now is to take advantage of the free Spin Reel to know where you will land. Depending on your luck, you could trigger any of these extra features:

  • Utility Bonus – If you trigger the Utility Bonus, you will be rewarded with a bankroll to help you get started. This contains 100 credits that are multiplied by the amount of your bet on each line. Just select a hand from Rich Uncle Pennybags to win either a Collect of 2x Multiplier or a Free Spin. A Free Spin will let you experience the Monopoly Big Money Reel. This is apart from the base game where you can win either a cash prize or a Multiplier.

After the last spin, you will be given another chance to pick. You can choose to continue spinning around the board or collect more rewards: Multipliers or cash. You can also choose to collect to end the bonus and collect the rewards. If you collect a 2x Multiplier, your bankroll will be multiplied by 2. The minimum reward that you can get from this feature is guaranteed to be 5x your stake.

  • Go Free Spins Bonus – If you land in this bonus, you will receive 8 Free Spins as a starter reward. But before you take each spin on the board, you should select a Go symbol to reveal a note. Based on the mentioned notes above, the value of your selected note may reach up to 1000. All notes that are present on the reels will transform into the revealed note during the spin. For the cash reward, it is equivalent to each note in the gaming area. The Go Extra Spins that are scattered around can also reward you with 4 Free Spins. Aside from these extra spins, you can also trigger Multipliers:
  • 4 Multipliers = 5x your total stake
  • 5 Multipliers = 50x of your total bet
  • Cash Value – If you can’t win an extra Free Spins, don’t worry since you can still have a chance to win some cash. The cash values will automatically become a Multiplier by the Bet Multiplier.

Betting and prizes

Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot has a total of 20 paylines. You can choose the total amount of bet you want which starts with a minimum of £0.40 or 2p per line. If you’re a high roller, you can also increase your bet up to £200 which is equivalent to £10 per line. Your amount of bet can be adjusted easily using the (+) and (-) buttons below the reels.

But if you want to skip the boring parts and head straight to the features, you can click the Auto Spin button. This will speed up the action and stop only when its spinning limit is reached or winning combinations are formed. You can set the AutoSpin to automatically stop once you lost at least £1,000 up to £20,000. It can be set also to stop once you made a single win that ranges from £1,000 to £4,000.

Monopoly Big Spin Slot has a 96% RTP only which is lower than the average RTP of modern slots.

About SG Gaming

After being established in 2012, SG Gaming, also known as Scientific Games, combined two of the iconic gaming brands in the UK, Barcrest, and The Global Draw. As one of the leading providers of gaming solutions, SG Gaming offers a fresh and innovative gaming experience. SG Gaming is a division of the huge name Scientific Games Corporation which is also licensed on betting, bingo, and arcades.

SG Gaming is also known in the UK when it comes to sports betting that comes with unparalleled support and services. Thus, the company’s expertise and experience are combined to exceed the customers’ expectations.

Final words

Overall, the Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot has stunning graphics that can give you the game’s 1930s vibes. It’s nice that SG Gaming partnered it with relaxing jazz in the background to make the game more enjoyable. However, the game can be a bit confusing at first for some players when compared with the previous Monopoly slot versions. The concept of the Notes could use a little improvement.

However, the game becomes easier and more fun as you play more. This slot also has the potential to offer huge rewards though not as huge as the rewards from other SG slots. The Go Free Spins Bonus feature alone can help you get lots of rewards from using Free Spins and Multipliers. Thus, this game is still fun and rewarding though a bit unusual.