Spinson and PirateSpin left without a notice

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We have just received news that these 2 brands, Spinson and PirateSpin are no longer operating with immediate effect. Their websites is still up, but please, DO NOT create an account with them. The sites are likely to go down at any time.

Spinson was established in 2015 and PirateSpin just in 2018.

Now if you already have an account with them, we advice you to contact their customer supper chat, which is still open. The cue is quite long right now, which might not come as a surprise. If you do not have any money inside your account, you have nothing to worry and you can call yourself a lucky one.

We really dislike these disconnections of brands which are done with an immediate effect. That always means that they have money which belong to someone else. We cannot support such an act. A fair operator would give players some time to withdraw their money.