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Do you feel like getting into the groove dancing? How about time travelling back to the 1960s where many American diners used to be packed with slot machines? Believe it or not, living life back then with a limited yet classic form of entertainment can be really interesting. Who would have thought that the iGaming industry will be born with lots of perks to offer?

People back then were pretty contented and entertained with various slot machines no matter how crappy the modern generation calls it. So, if you miss the good old vibes of playing slots in the modern days, NetEnt has a special slot that will never let you down.

Swipe and Roll Slot

As a newly published video slot this 2018, NetEnt introduces a really fine slot called Swipe and Roll for all players who miss the American diners’ feels way back in the 1960s. Coming from a premium supplier of top-notch gaming software in the gambling industry like NetEnt, Swipe and Roll slot brings to you a smooth blend of the classic 1960s vibes with a modern touch to provide a worth it gaming experience for every casino player.

It’s like seeing a fine blend of the old and new casino world in the virtual world. Swipe and Roll slot offers up to 96.35% of RTP. If you are an avid slot player, these digits are certainly worth investing some of your money not to mention that this is a high-quality video slot. Swipe and Roll slot has 3 rows and 5 reels with 20 betting lines that are fixed. Thus, you can save some time deciding whether you need to place a bet lower than 20 lines or not.

Swipe and Roll slot pays from the leftmost to the rightmost reel where you can bet as low as £0.20 per spin.

Slot Theme

Swipe and Roll slot’s theme will certainly bring you back to the good old American diners back then with a familiar go-to place for food and entertainment in town. Created and designed by a top-notch team of well-experienced creators in the iGaming industry, this video slot shows an improved version of the traditional gambling setting.

But instead of sticking with just being a plane fruit slot or a letter slot, Swipe and Roll shows the best of both worlds with a whole lot of classic guitar soundtrack in the background. The unique design of Swipe and Roll slot provides an appealing effect that will attract slot players in an instant. Together with its design and exciting features, there’s no way slot players will ever get bored playing this video slot.

Slot Features

Just like any casino game, the features are what every casino player and enthusiast look into. The slot’s features determine if it really deserves two thumbs up or a tomato. Swipe and Roll slot features Wild and x3 Wild Symbols, Wild Re-spins, Coin Wheel, Scatter, Bonus Game, Medium Win Symbols, and Low Win Symbols. If you want to know more about the video slot’s features, read on.

Wild and x3 Wild

The Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the reel. But during the Main Game and Wild Re-spins, the x3 Wild Symbols may appear only on reels 4, 3, and 2. Both x3 Wild Symbols and Wild Symbols can be substituted with all symbols with the exception of the Scatter Symbols and other Wild Symbols. Any betting line that contains an x3 Wild wins with an automatic prize that is multiplied by 3.

Wild Re-Spins

During the Main Game, 3 or more Wild and x3 Wild Symbols can appear on any reel once you trigger the Wild Re-spins. The Wild Symbols will hold their positions on your reels during the Wild Re-spin so get ready to spot these Wild symbols for crazy prizes!

Coin Wheel Feature

If you are looking for more slot features then you better check out the Coin Wheel Feature which can be randomly activated during the Main Game. This feature contains Coin Wins, Arrow Symbols, and a Scatter Symbol. The name of this feature alone reminds us of the timeless “Wheel of Fortune” which smells of money. The Arrow Symbols in the Coin Wheel increases the winning area on the reels with up to a maximum of 2 more steps in any direction.

This means that the more Arrow Symbols you get the bigger prizes you can get in the slot. With a minimum of 60 wins and a maximum of 1,080 winning coins, you can get the reward for all your active winning positions at the end of the Coin Wheel Feature’s round.


Just like other slots, the Scatter Symbol is one of the most common features that never get old. During the Wild Re-spins and the Main Game, you can activate the Bonus Game where 3 Scatter Symbols can appear only on reels 4, 3, and 2. You can also activate the Bonus Game if you won a Scatter Symbol on the Coin Wheel Feature.

Bonus Game

If you are wondering about the Bonus Game then here it is. You can swipe 3 wheels in any order – up or down one by one. The Bonus Game contains Arrow Symbols as well as Coin Wins. As a matter of fact, this feature alone can give you up to 4,320 winning coins so be sure to play Swipe and Roll slot’s Bonus Game to get more Arrow Symbols and Coin Wins.

Medium Win Symbols

If the given features are still not enough to satisfy you, then be sure to watch out for these additional winning fruit symbols. These Medium Win Symbols also carry a random amount of Coin Wins depending on the number of fruit symbols that land on your reels. These are the exact number of coins you can get for getting each number of fruit symbols:

  • Watermelon – (5=300), (4=60), (3=20)
  • Orange – (5=150), (4=40), (3=15)
  • Plum – (5=80), (4=25), (3=10)

Low Win Symbols

Of course, if there are the highest paying and medium paying symbols, there are the least paying symbols. Nevertheless, landing these Low Win Symbols on your reels can give you the following number of coins depending on the letter symbols you get:

  • A – (5=30), (4=12), (3=5)
  • K – (5=25), (4=10), (3=4)
  • Q – (5=20), (4=8) (3=3)

However, take note that the slot only pays the betting line with the highest win. The wins on each bet line work in succession from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. In case the slot malfunctions, all plays, and bets will be considered void.

Betting and Prizes

Swipe and Roll Slot offers 20 pay lines to all players which mean more chances of winning to enjoy! But wait, there’s more to experience in this slot since it offers 1 to 10 levels for you to experience. This is something that you will not be able to experience in all slots especially if you don’t play slots a lot. Since Swipe and Roll slot has a fixed 20 pay lines, this is the kind of slot that you should never play without checking the value of your bet and remaining balance first.

However, you can play Swipe and Roll slot and bet with as low as £0.1 Coin Value. In fact, the Coin Values you can choose from the Coin Selector ranges from £0.1, £0.2, £0.50, £0.10, £0.20, to £0.50 per betting line. As you increase your level, your bet also increases by 20. This means that if you turn to level 2, your bet will become to 40, then 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, up to 200 bet once you turn to level 10.

Once you select the Max Bet button, you will automatically jump to level10 with a maximum of 200 bet. There’s also an AutoPlay option with an advanced setting where you can set the number of auto spins you want to play which ranges from 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, up to 1,000 spins. Just select the number of spins you want to play and hit the start button to play. The maximum bet you can select is up to £100 and get a chance to win up to 1,620,000 coins!

If that is not huge enough for you then I don’t know what else is. The mind-blowing payout of Swipe and Roll slot is literally a must-have.


In case you are wondering if you can play Swipe and Roll in other platforms other than desktops and laptops, you got it right. As expected from a widely known company like NetEnt in the iGaming industry, this video slot is very much available in various devices. Thus, you can play Swipe and Roll in your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone anytime you want to, anywhere you are.

Swipe and Roll slot is available in Instant Plays and Download Modes on all desktop and mobile devices. But when it comes to quality, you don’t have to worry whether the quality of the slot on each device differs or not. The slot’s quality on all devices screams high-quality slot and an awesome gaming experience even though it doesn’t offer Free Spins which other slots offer. The overall experience and payout you can get are superb.

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