“UK players should enjoy the safest gambling in the world”

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These are the words said by Neil McArthur, CEO of UKGC. He has a goal and it is not a humble goal. He pointed out these words to all the operators out there. Well, to those who operate in the UK.

He also said that operators should work together to become the best operators in the world. There are 3 main features, which he thinks the operators should look after – in order to become the best.

Firstly, operators should be able to find gamblers with addictive behaviour in earlier stages and secondly, they should have better procedures on how to deal with such players. Thirdly, he adds that casinos should change their advertising strategy to rebuild trust.

All these points are said for a good reason, as in general casinos have a reputation of allowing people to play on their sites, no matter how addicted they are and advertising their products without revealing all the catches there are.

So no wonder that gambling has a bad reputation among some people. We know, that the good casinos do not work in the mentioned way, but how would the average people know about it? Once they have lost the trust, it is very hard to rebuild it. Probably, in time it will.

McArthur´s visions may seem ambitious, but they are completely possible to achieve. UK license has a reputation of being one of the strictest. Casinos know, that they could lose their license if they do not cooperate. UKGC has the leash and brands better follow and sit when being told to.

Right now UKGC says, that they wish that operators will change their behaviour before they are being forced. “This is a call to action to join the race to the top”, he finally added.

What do you think? Should casinos rebel, or do as their masters tell them? Do you think these regulations are already going too far?