UKGC wants brands to know more about their players

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Just recently, UKGC held a media event, where they released some numbers from last year as well as spoke about their concerns in the industry.

It turned out, that only last year they carried out 160 investigations which lead to fines worth of $19.6 millions. Now that is a lot. Still, many brands have a lot to learn on how to operate in the UK.

What UKGC wants from the operators in the future, is that all the brands should be able to recognize gambling problems before they even start gambling. Right now, that sounds a bit freak, doesn´t it?

How would it work then? UKGC suggest that brands should be aware of the disposable income that their players have and in that way they would know the limits of the player in advance.

Richard Watson, the Executive Director of Enforcement and Intelligence says that nowadays casinos put thresholds and limits based on the size of the company, but not on their customers and that is problematic. He says that that´s the ground for players falling into trouble before the casino intervenes. The thresholds should be for the players, individually.

Neil McArthur, CEO of the UKGC said that they indeed want to see online casinos´ effort to know more about their customers.

Tom Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich East and Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport even suggests that operators should have a whole new kind of registration application for the players. There were no indications on how that would look like.

He added, that their main task is to screen on operators and whether they have what it takes to offer what they are offering.

What do you think? Would you be willing to reveal your payslips to the casinos beforehand? Or do you think this is going too far? Do you think that players are treated like children already? Or is this something that the industry badly needs?

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