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BLAST Pro Series tournaments have signed an exclusive deal with Unibet. What this means, is that Unibet will be the only betting company, that can offer exclusive odds from the tournaments. Next one will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 24th-25th of November.

Blast Pro series is an Esports event. For those of who are not familiar with the term, it means that teams are competing in computer games. Esports has been growing more popular every year and these tournaments bring professional teams and thousands of fans together.

In Copenhagen, 6 teams are competing against each other in a computer game called “Counter-Strike”. The winning team leaves with $250 000 (£191138,38]. Unibet Esports


Both Unibet and RFRSH Entertainment leaders are very excited about the co-operation and hope that the partnership will develop into something long lasting and takes the Esports to another level.



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