What effect do new UKGC rules have?

UKGC is the organization in the UK that regulates the casinos and is responsible for giving them the licenses. Which also means they have the power to take a license away.

The regulations in the UK are known to be one of the toughest in the world. That means that getting the license is not an easy cake for the brands. The process may take years and if there is even one thing that does not please the licenser, license won´t be given. In this case, the biggest winner is the player. After all, their rules are there to protect the players. Casinos have to show their terms and conditions clearly and they must retain a player from playing if he/she shows any sign of addictiveness. If a casino gets caught of not doing so, the consequences will be heavy. In the worst case, the licensee will lose its license. From a player perspective, it is not that bad though.

Anyways, the regulations will only get tougher for the casinos. On the 31st of October, a new set of rules is on the way. What does that mean for the players? What are the benefits and are the regulations already going too far?

First of all, the casinos will have to follow the UK advertising rules, which means no more misleading, weird ads all over the internet. That also means that from now on anyone can´t just market them.

Casinos are also required to follow all the consumer laws, especially when it comes to withdrawing funds. Basically, if there is any complain from a player, the casino has to fix to the situation within 8 weeks.

Then the trickier one: Casinos are no longer allowed to spam players. The reason it is tricky is because casinos tend to send you promotional letters as do any business in the UK. So what will be considered as spam? This remains still to be seen.

Overall these rules will push the gambling industry towards the type of control as any other industry is. Players will have more rights and laws behind them if they face any issues with a casino. No more misleading campaigns or money stealing brands. This is nothing but a good news, isn´t it?


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