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So, you may have come to the point where you are thinking that, maybe working for casinos wouldn´t be that bad idea.

Most likely you have also realised, that getting a casino job, would mean that you would have to move. At least out of town but perhaps even out of the country.

Getting started in the casino industry is quite easy, since the industry is constantly looking for new customer service reprsentatives or other professional people. Especially, if you have experience on marketing enternainment or on risk management, your skills are very much needed.

There are few main locations where you can usually find casino jobs. These are London, Malta and Gibraltar. There are others too, but the volume is smaller. These are Stockholm, Bucharest and Marbella.

Obviously, the rarer language you speak, the better but that still does not mean you cannot get the job if your main language is English. Actually, if you write very good English, you might want to apply for the copywriter position. The industry lacks of proper marketing communication, so if you have that skill, you should not wait no more.

I´ve got few sources for you here:

On Facebook


These groups/sites should get you started on your igaming career. If they dont post what you are looking for, you can always make your own post.

What should you consider before taking a casino job?

One thing, if you come from a completely different background, you should drop all your expectations, especially the bad ones. Actually, you should expect an experience of your lifetime.

You should also be sure, that you are willing to move, so if you accept a job, then it means that you really need to move. That would not be fair for the company if you turn your back on them just on the last minute. So before taking a job, make a piece with yourself regarding the moving.

Do not worry if you have to start low. Most likely, when you do move into a whole new industry, you need to start from a low level job, but if it turns out you are good at it, you will rise fast for sure. So if they make you sit on a seat you did not want to, do not worry, because with the right attitude you can be on the right seat sooner than you thought.

When choosing the best company for your suits, you should look into the following matters:

  • The reputation of the company. Google information on the casino. If you all you see is bad reviews, most likely the company needs someone to save them from the likely event of distruction or someone to sink with them.
  • Contract. Do not start working before you have one.
  • General feeling. Always trust your gut. If something does not feel right, than probably something is not right.

With these tips you should be able to get started on your casino jobs career. Now all you need to do is to enjoy, this will probably be the best time of your life!