Wrapping up the decade

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Only 2 days to go and 2019 turns to 2020. This means a whole new decade is on the way as well.

This past decade has been very interesting for online casinos. When we look 10 years back, there were just a few of those. Now there are so many, that it has become hard to choose the best and new casinos are being released even faster than new Star Wars movies.

All of that has also come with a lot of new regulations. While everything was still pretty free just a few years ago, now many countries, including the UK have set various rules for the operators, if they wish to offer gambling services in their country.

Luckily it is not all just about rules. The decade has also brought us a massive development in games. Who would have thought 10 years ago that in 2019 around 50% of the gambling is through a mobile device.

Games are also different. There are games inside the games and graphics are like from a Hollywood movie. That means that slots have become a lot more entertaining. Though, there are still those who enjoy playing old school games, and for them there are still developers who develop such games.

If anyone is being asked the most famous developer of the decade, probably almost everyone will answer “NetEnt“. They are clearly one of the most successful ones in the market. Though, they have gotten a lot of competitors on the way as well.

When we look at the casinos, countless of them have closed their doors within a few years and some of them within a few months from opening. Still, some business people believe that opening a casino is an easy way to make money. But gamblers like us are not easy to fool. The casino has to be good in order to anyone play there and in order a casino to make money, people actually have to play there a long time.

Now, imagine the development the industry has gone through in just 10 years. Now try to imagine, where it will be in 2029.