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NetEnt: Vikings

The popular tv-show will have its own slot very soon. The famous show has now been running for 5 seasons and there is no ending in sight. To be honest, they seem to be only getting more and more fans.

It kind of comes as a surprise that they are making a slot of the show, but what can you expect, when NetEnt is from Sweden and well, Vikings from the north. No wonder the famous software provider wanted their share of the heat around Vikings.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to get our hands on the game but NetEnt has published a gameplay video of the game. The first thought is “Splendid!!!”. The game starts with the seer standing in the shadows and talking with his mystical voice. Seems kind of darker than the tv show itself, but only in a good way.

In symbols, you can find all the lovely and violent characters we have all learned to love by now. All of them have a small, normal sized symbol as well as one that fits the whole reel. If you manage to land one reel sized man symbol on the hotspot, it will turn every other small and big sized man symbol to the same symbol as the that landed on the hot spot. This is called as the “scatter pays” feature.

To get the free spins, you need to land 3 Viking age dartboards on the screen, which are the scatters of this game. This brings you 7 free spins aka raid spins.  During the raid spins, you can hear the Vikings shouting in their native language while the ground behind is burning.

The design of the game is impressive. The background is a misty mountainous area, with a crow watching the game on the side. There are some thunderstorms too. Again, seems like they are trying to create a darker image to this slot than the show itself has.


Overall the game seems impressive, though the design looks like they have mixed Vikings with a horror movie. Perhaps it is only me, that did not see the show as the messenger of the darkness.

How about you? Give us a comment and let us know, what do you think about the game.

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