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No deposit UK casino bonuses | Extra spins without deposit 2020

You may have heard the new term Extra Spins, but you may not be sure what does it mean and how does it differ from free spins. It all comes from UK Gambling Commission´s new rules which state that the casinos are no longer allowed to promote any spins whether they are credited with or without a deposit as free spins.

This is for the players´ safety and to avoid any misunderstandings. As you know, lately UKGC has been taking steps towards a better player safety and there is no way to complain against that. After all, we are here to secure you as well. We want you to play in the safest online casinos as well. UKGC is actually going to take more steps towards higher player security and you can be sure, that we are among the first ones to inform you of any changes as we are here to bring all the best casinos to your knowledge.

These offers are for new players only. Terms and Conditions Apply. Gambling is for adults +18 years.

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Why are they called extra spins?

Well, to this day casinos used to call them for free spins, but that was exactly the whole truth, as you know, there are no free lunches. And same goes for the spins. There are no completely free spins either. The least you have to do is to create an account. In this case, you are already exchanging something for the spins. But this is as free as the spins can get. And creating an account for extra spins is not too much asked, is it? But, that´s not all.


Some casinos used to call every spin for a free spin. But would it really be considered as free when you had to make a deposit to actually receive it? No, it would not. That´s why the term “extra spins” is better for this. After all, nobody would like a player to think there is something free when there actually isn´t. That would only create angry players and humiliated casinos who need to explain to these players what was the true matter. In the end, we all want a transparent industry, where you could actually tell your friends and family that you are playing at the casino. Therefore this is the reason why they are called as extra spins.

To avoid any misunderstandings and to create a transparent industry. And yes, to clean all the tricky casinos off the map. Since even after the announcement of the new rules, there are still some casinos who are not obeying them. What does that tell about the casino, if they are not ready to follow even a simple word change – rule? But, if you do find a casino on our site, which is calling their spins simply just as spins or bonus spins, that would also be correct, so do not send them to fire just yet. The only term to avoid is “free spins”. Just to make it clear, extra spins can be stated as follows on the casino sites: Welcome bonus 100% up to £100 + 50 spins. On the example, + 50 spins are the extra spins.

On our site we use the term extra for every casino spin there is. Check our list of extra spins without deposit 2020.


We are listing the wagering requirements for the spins some casinos offer. But always remember to read the terms and conditions of each casino regarding the wagering requirements for the extra spins.

18+. Terms and conditions apply. Gamble Responsibly – Begambleaware.org. For new customer only:

No Deposit Casino UK

I bet that you´ve come to read this article because you want to find the best no deposit casino UK? Or perhaps you have been through them all and now you need to find a new no deposit casino to play at? Well, you have come to the right place! We are here at Gambling Bulldog devoted to finding the best no deposit casino for you. As you probably know, there are a lot of them. A LOT. And how do we know, what is the best one?

We are all gambling experts with years of experience on in the field, so we can definitely say, that we have seen them all. Some are good, some are very bad, where you wouldn´t want to send your money. But as some might think that they are all bad – That´s not true. It would be the same as saying that all the bars are very bad. Thing is, gambling has always been there and it always will be. And the same goes for the drinking. How has stopping any of these gone in the past? Did it go well? Thought so. So we think, that since everyone is gambling, let´s at least show the best online casinos in the world. Because we want your money to be safe when you play.

Best no deposit casino

So, what is the best no deposit casino UK then? In many cases, this would be about an opinion and you can´t argue with anyone’s opinion, right?. For this reason, we are giving you a list of the best no deposit casinos in the UK. You can just choose yours from the list. This list should offer you what you are looking for.  And for any other information, just click the “read review” and you will more information on each casino such as deposit and withdrawal methods, games etc. Pretty much anything you need to know to make sure that you need to know to be able to choose the best casino for you.

Only a handful of casinos in the UK offer no deposit casino bonuses and extra spins. As you probably know, it is not very common for casinos to offer bonuses without deposit to their players. And commonly, there is a limit for the winnings you can make with extra spins. To find the limit for no deposit winnings, please read the review of each casino.

New no deposit casinos 2020

To see the full 2020 list, go to the new casinos page.

We´d like to highlight Pink casino as the new no deposit casino. Yes, it is mainly targeted at women, but don´t we all secretly love some pink? In the end, it is just another casino, but not just any casino. It is a very trusted casino since it is operated by Leo Vegas brand. Leo Vegas is one of the igaming giants and therefore, one of the most reliable ones. So definitely we can already say, that you are in good hands when you place your bets at the pink casino.  All new players get to even choose their new no deposit bonus out of three different options. You can either choose 10 extra spins, £5 money with all the possible winnings doubled or just simply £10 to play with. Pretty awesome, right?

What are no deposit casino bonuses?

They are welcome bonuses that casinos offer to their new players upon creating a new account. Usually, the extra spins vary between 5 and 25 free spins but can go up to 50, which is very rare. You get them without a deposit. These extra spins most likely will have a maximum withdrawal for any winnings made with extra spins. Check the information on each casinos´ review. What you should also notice, is the wagering requirement for the no deposit bonus. In some cases, like at Rizk, the no deposit bonus is not the usual spins for a slot, but for the wheel of Rizk!

As always please visit the casinos’ website and read the terms and conditions that apply for the bonuses and extra spins you get without a deposit.

How to choose the right no deposit bonus?

Well, this one is a tricky question, but we have one guideline to follow on this one. Choose the no deposit casino offer by choosing the type of casino, where you would like to place a bet, where you feel that your money is safe and you are being taken care of as a player. Please read our reviews of the casinos if you want to be sure about the casino and to make sure the casino has the features you require. Most importantly, play at the casino you just feel is the right choice! If it feels right, it usually is.

And remember, gambling is fun when you decide so!

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